December 4, 2022

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Chispita and Charquito, a pair of clowns brutally murdered in Guatemala Joseline Paola Chacon | Nelson Estevan Villa Toro | Description | EC Stories | the world

After months of uncertainty, officials They found the bodies of husband and wife clowns Jocelyn Paola Sacon and Nelson Estevan Villa Toro, who had been missing since early May this year.

According to reports from the Institute of Forensic Sciences, they are also called Sparky and short They were strangled and tortured and then buried in a secret grave In a town called Pollo Lobos is the light of Christ.

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Sparky and short They were last seen alive on May 9, as usual, on the streets or going to work at events hired by some families. After 52 days of searching, the forensic authorities They found the lifeless remains of the couple wrapped in nylon six meters below the ground.

The fire department was faced with a scene that is something out of horror stories: The mass grave was filled with colorful clown face paint, shoes, clothes and accessories; as well as work elements that pair their respective performances together.

We share in the pain of their relatives, may God give them strength, unity and resignation in these moments of grief”, The Association of Clowns and Comedians of Guatemala (APCG) was contacted.

The victims leave behind three children.The minors were under the care of Victoria de Los Angeles Lobo, their maternal grandmother.

Until now, the criminological system has not revealed any hypotheses that provide an accurate judgment of who or what is responsible for the crime, so the truth is news in development.

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However, records show that Villadoro was held in a penal institution several years ago Alleged ties to the Barrio 18 gangOne of the systems with the highest presence in the area.

It is believed that this may have been a double murder A calculation had to be made.