February 2, 2023

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Christian Cabrera | Corona virus | He regrets not getting vaccinated and asks his son to take care of him before he dies of Govt-19 disease | USA | NNDC | The world

Christian Cabrera, 40, a resident of West Hollywood in Los Angeles (USA), died Saturday after passing COVID-19 after weeks of pain and grief over not being vaccinated against the corona virus. Tragedy among his family and friends, but a reflection on everyone who reads his story.

This young father of a 3 year old boy attended the podcast with comedian Michael Bloxon and his account. Had more than 100,000 followers. On that social network, he described how he had been suffering from COVID-19 after the Christmas holidays and was admitted to the hospital a week ago.

“I have been in the ICU for almost a week and now I am not breathing on my own. This is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I can hear your prayers while I sleep. Thank you very much and hope to see you soon. ”Described Cabrera on the social network, with text with a picture of him with a breathing apparatus.

A few days before he died, Christian Cabrera felt defeated in the war against him COVID-19 He also asked his brother Gino to take care of his son.

“Please take care of my son,” he continues.Revealed brother to Thursday. “He can’t reach it, he knows he’s going to die right there.”He added.

The news that infiltrated the press and the developments after his death became the best advice in times of intensification. Corona virus With variation Omigron The importance of vaccination is to avoid serious pictures of the disease. Christian Cabrera suffered from two pneumonia pneumonia and died in agony for several days.

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“I can’t breathe again. I’m sorry I did not get the shot, and if I can do it again, I will do it with a heartbeat to save my life. I’m fighting for my life here, and I want to be vaccinated. “ In a text message shared with KTLA, Christian Cabrera expressed confidence in his brother.

The family fired him with a long message With photos and videos of him at different times of Christian life: with his family, friends, at parties, etc.

“We are deeply saddened to announce that our dear brother Christian Cabrera lost the war with pneumonia and passed away on Friday night. He was 40 years old and soon left! We are totally heartbroken! ”Says part of a meaningful message.

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