November 27, 2022

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Christina Kirchner Live | Alberto Fernandez declares Friday a national holiday after the assassination attempt on Argentina’s vice president | Recoleta | the world

President A man issued a national chain after inciting against the vice president , waking up to a new day outside his home in Recoleta. They also spoke on the phone about what happened.

Watch the live stream here:

“Dear Argentines, After 9:00 PM, someone made an attempt on the life of the country’s Vice President. This is a very serious fact. This is the worst thing that has happened since the return of democracy. In a crowded environment, a man pointed a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. For some reason, Christina is alive. The gun which had 5 bullets did not fire Despite the prompting, “Fernandez began.

And he added: “Such a reality moves the Argentine people, especially us who are their colleagues. “This attack deserves a strong rejection from all political sectors and all the men and women who make up the Republic. These facts affect our democracy.

Meera: Who was the defendant who threatened Christina Kirchner with a weapon?

“We are committed to restoring democratic coexistence It was broken by hate speech from various political, judicial and media spheres. “We may have deep differences but hate speech cannot happen in a democratic society because it breeds violence and violence cannot coexist with democracy,” the President said.

In that line he added:We are faced with a reality of profound institutional and human nature. Our vice president has been attacked and social peace has been disturbed. The Argentina Can’t waste another minute. no time It is necessary to banish violence and hatred from political and media discourse and from our society”.

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“I call on every man and woman of Argentina, the entire political and social leadership, the media and society to reject any form of violence. We must isolate, not validate, the unworthy, stigmatizing and hurtful words that divide and confront us. I have contacted the judge investigating what happened and asked him to quickly clarify the responsibilities and facts. I have also asked him to insure the life of the accused,” he said.

And closed: “Let the shock, horror and denial this event creates in us turn into a permanent commitment to eradicate hatred and violence from life in democracy. Because of that, I have decided to declare tomorrow as a national holiday so that people can express their desire to save lives with peace and harmony. Democracy and solidarity with our Vice President. The Argentine people want to live in democracy and peace, and ours is a firm commitment to work every day to achieve this. good night”.