March 29, 2023

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Cine Colombia Yeyito: A non-binary person condemns Transphobia in a Bogot cinema, which is the responsibility of the company | Description | EC stories | The world

The new case of Transphobia, which is said to have been viralized and spread by various sites on social networks, has angered internet users. .

One person was identified, according to video evidence Non-binary, Could not enter a Theater Because he mentioned that it was an act Discrimination.

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No one could go inside because that person was with them.

Facing what happened, Cinema Colombia It issued a statement in the last hour clarifying that anyone could enter its room. In the case of those over 18, they have to show up Vaccine card.

“We will be in touch with the person concerned to reaffirm that Cine Colombia allows access to all, as long as it meets the requirements of the National Government.” They wrote.

“He did not let me in because I am not binary”

Clip taken from the victim’s social networks Transphobia Shared via Twitter profile Trans Community Network.

“At the Gran Estasian, cine Colombian men were not allowed to enter. Yeito, A trans person, to active theaters of discrimination and transphobia “, The system points out.

Also, being unable to go inside, Yeito “It simply came to our notice then Shame and violence by staff”.

Yeito, In the video, indicates that it existed “Violation of the rights of a non-binary person.”

“It’s very frustrating that these situations happen in such big places (…) we complain, I tell him (person from Cine Colombia) he’s a transphobic who does not let me in and out. The man looks at me from a distance and laughs.”, He thought.

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Yeito The person who attacked him identified himself and continued to tease. Then, his girlfriend, telling him, condemned his aggression.

“It is important for people to know that I am not violating the rules (…) I have my complete vaccination schedule and he attacked me because I am a non-binary person.”, He stressed.

What happened? According to another video, more was recorded Yeito And the employee in it Cinema Colombia, Man “allows whomever he wants to send” to the cinema and If a person approaches with his / her ID card, he / she will not even be able to tell if he / she is male or female.

This transphobic took my second dose and did not allow me to go to the movies with my ticketThe complaint document has also been released Yeito.

If so, it is presumed that there is a problem with the data provided and compared on the vaccine card.

“Can’t we go to the movies quietly now? Are you going to check out what is between our legs to watch a movie? We demand immediate compensation, public excuses and unconditional commitment “, Wrote with a video capture of the Trans Community Network Yeito The person indicated in it appears.


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