September 26, 2021

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Colombia | John Calvis: They killed the ‘backpacking cat’ who traveled the world with the Colombian owner | Beautiful creation | The world

The John Calvis confirmed on Facebook Live that he is his cat ‘Beautiful creation’ – Also known as Cat with backpackOn social media – died of poisoning.

They killed Bella, why should they be jealous men, it’s over, they poisoned Bella, she’s gone. You gave light, humanity Why did they take Bella away from me? Bad Men **“The content creator expressed considerable regret.

John and the ‘cat with the bag’ returned Famous On social media by documenting your Traveling, Crossings and Adventures in South America.

Although ‘Bella’ was rescued in Barranquilla, they settled in Paraguay, where they had more fans. After many trips, it was in that country that the Colombians found love and started a family.

With tears in his eyes and a lot of frustration in his voice, the cat’s owner said he saw ‘Bella Creation’ alive on Sunday night, August 15th.

According to his account, he went to bed that night and, as usual, opened the window for his pet to make his usual journey; However, he woke up at 4:00 am and when he saw that the cat was not in his bed, he decided to search for it.

However, he did not find it, so he went to the backyard of his house, where he found the worst situation: where the cat’s body lay on the ground, completely hard and without traces of another animal’s attack.

For this reason, John is believed to have drunk poison and died; However, veterinarians are conducting an autopsy to determine the true cause of his death. The cat’s body will be embalmed.

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I could not find peace, I felt restless, helpless, I had a pain in my chest. I walk through every corner of this house, this patio (where they live), where my beautiful creature made way to find some clues or explain what happened to me. I don’t know how to explain this pain I feel“, He said in one of his latest videos on social media.

In an interview with ‘La Nacion’, Calvis commented that his cat helped him get out of trouble. Drugs And he had immense love for him because he was the only creature that did not judge him at that point in his life.

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