May 30, 2023

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Columbia leaves the deadly stage of the epidemic and speeds up vaccination

With the lowest number of deaths and infections in four months, Colombia The third peak of the epidemic begins to leave COVID-19 As the vaccine progressed, it now covers 25% of the country’s population, however of concern Delta variant And rejection against vaccines.

The Ministry of Health on Monday recorded 6,636 new corona virus infections, the lowest number since March 24, 5,986, as well as 218 deaths from the disease, the lowest number since April 5, which was 199.

Last week’s figures confirm that Colombia Goes through the most critical period of infection COVID-19Hospital services have collapsed since April, with health officials confirming a record 33,594 infections and 754 deaths in a single day.

“Statistics from the last few days show a clear trend to reduce cases, deaths, intensive care units and occupation of hospitals, which is a sign that this third wave is overcoming,” archaeologist Carlos Trillos explained to the university professor. Del Rosario.

Warning to those who have not been vaccinated

However, people face the challenge of rejecting vaccines by authorities who doubt their effectiveness, based on false reports of serum side effects out of fear or religious doctrines instigated by some churches.

According to the Pulse Social Survey, the National Administration Statistics Office (DANE) in June found that 64.4% of those not interested in getting vaccinated were against the vaccine. COVID-19 It may be unsafe due to potential adverse effects and 18.5% do not believe the vaccine is effective enough.

“Non-vaccination makes it more difficult to manage infection and achieve flock, group or herd immunity goals,” Trillos warned, warning that “new peaks in some parts of the world are delta variant and mainly unvaccinated”.

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The epidemiologist recalled, “As the virus spreads and affects more and more people, new variants can escape the” immune response generated by vaccines. “

Young people are accelerating vaccination

However, young people, health professionals and people over the age of 80, who were the last to enter the national vaccination program, which began last February, attended in large numbers at vaccination points.

The Ministry of Health last Friday approved the vaccination for people between the ages of 25 and 30, the number of vaccines on the first day COVID-19 550 832 dose was used.

The government hopes to open the missing vaccine levels this month as the country has overcome initial barriers such as dose shortages.

Colombia, 4,801,050 infections and 121,216 deaths have been accumulated from the corona virus, receiving 35,814,754 vaccines from Pfizer, Sinovac, Astrogenega, Johnson and Moderna and using 28.1 million doses.

In all, more than 15.7 million people received the first dose, and 12.3 million had a complete plan, which equates to 25% of the national population.

Delta variation concern

Infections are said to be on the rise in countries where delta variability is already declining Colombia It was identified when the country began to emerge from the deadly peak of the epidemic.

“However, we must not trust ourselves. There are three kinds of concerns in our country and we must keep in mind that the delta is highly contagious,” Trillos warned.

The expert stressed that “in the presence of neglect, crowdfunding, crowdfunding and preventive relaxation, self-defense and biosecurity measures, we can get new increases again, as has already happened in other countries,” which is why “all of us” vaccinators, too, are very much on the full schedule of vaccination Are tough “.

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Despite the decline in numbers, officials are concerned that delta variability may increase the spread and spread of the virus, worsening the infectious behavior of the virus, reducing the effectiveness of control measures and avoiding the response to vaccines.

Ministry of Health Colombia He warned that although there would be an initial viral infection between one and two in each positive case, the delta variant would spread to up to 10 people and the severity of symptoms would be rapid.

“This variant has a specific character and is 60% more likely to spread, so there is a higher risk of hospitalization or re-infection,” explained Jose Alejandro Mojica, an epidemiologist at the Ministry of Health.

In this sense, the expert stressed that in addition to strengthening biosecurity measures, people should also attend vaccination appointments. Colombia This year the goal of providing immunity to 35.2 million citizens can be achieved.

“Available vaccines are very effective and effective against this delta variant and in preventing others,” Mojica said.

(With information from EFE)

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