June 3, 2023

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Congress is enacting legislation to incorporate pet sterilization into public policy

The ‘Four Legs’ Bill was fully approved by Congress It seeks to promote the practice as part of a national public health policy responsible for the Ministry of Health (MINCA), combining the duty of the state to sterilize dogs and cats.

Currently, on the streets of Lima and the region, pets are found to be suffering from transmitted diseases and hunger. Homeless. In this sense, contraception becomes an opportunity to prevent overpopulation of these, thus avoiding their suffering.

Legislative effort cShe sterilizes as part of strategies to improve the ownership and responsible coexistence of domestic dogs and cats.

“Controlling the birth of new pets is essential, and the issue of the rise of abandoned animals worries us. The four-legged law will be a starting point in favor of our pets,” MP Manica Chavetra said in her speech.

In this regard, Congressman Daniel Olivares welcomed various domestic animal rescue organizations that work for the benefit of these creatures even “without law”.

Thus, on the night of June 30, with 97 votes in favor, 1 and 3 votes against, Bill 6144 was approved in the first ballot.

Fujimori Martha Chavez was the only Congresswoman to vote against Koscio.

The legislative initiative seeks to guarantee environmental health because the majority of dogs and cats in the country are overpopulated and have a general problem of not being sterilized. “This situation creates genetic risks, perpetuating the suffering and neglect and culture of unwanted animals,” says the document in question.