October 7, 2022

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Constitutional Referendum Chile 2022 | After the rejection of the new constitution, what is the future for Chile and Gabriel Boric? | Augusto Pinochet | the world

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In October 2020, 80% of Chileans voted to change the constitution through a constitutional convention. They then selected 155 members to write it, but the text did not meet expectations. “It is clear that the referendum represents a critical defeat for the government President Gabriel Boric. This proposal proved to have many flaws, but very little self-critical discourse was dealt with and even ConspiracyFrom there, misinformation and attacks were seen as reasons for rejection in the poll.”.

What’s coming, Alenda says, is that Democratic Socialism -one of the most moderate sectors- will gain more importance within the government. This means, essentially, a change of cabinet or, in words Battleand “adjustment” in his administration, an issue discussed earlier Polling on Sunday. According to They will be in church Giorgio JacksonThe present Minister of the Chief Secretariat of the President, and Ischia ChichesMinister of Home Affairs and Public Security.

,”In Democratic Socialism Composed by B.SThe PPDThe Liberal Party And this radical party– They have already been revealed” to negotiate with Poric. As a group they are more likely to reach currency e”There is real influence in political decision-making”. parallel, Christian Democracy will also become relevant. Alenda adds: “You have to remember that it was they who initiated the amendment of the bill which reduced the quorum of Parliament to 4/7. Constitution, and they were instrumental in its approval. It has already been said that the members DC They may join important posts in the government, which was not the case till now”.

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On the other hand, it should be noted that the center-right comes with a big boost. They must use the victory of rejection as their own victory, an affirmation that hides reality and various feelings. They want the process to continue, they just need to agree on how to do it. Meanwhile, the far right will continue to be reluctant to change, but it will have to change itself a little”.

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Best view?

By playing it for choice I approve to do New Constitution and will be defeated Gabriel Boric He also lost political power, says Andrés Jouannet, a Chilean political scientist and associate of Araucanía. “You deserve someone who sees Patricio Aylwin, Ricardo Lagos and Michael Bachlett in their prime. Maybe it was because of his inexperience because, basically, he made a bet, he campaigned, and look where it ended up.”.

But I believe the country’s democracy and politics have strengthened. We have a better country today after those who wanted rejection saw the lack of civic friendliness. Today, there is constitutional authority Parliament, so it is not the government that will negotiate, but we will seek agreements. And we are responsible. We are going to make a good constitution”.

Chile's President Gabriel Boric votes in a referendum to accept or reject the proposed constitution.  AP
Chile’s President Gabriel Boric votes in a referendum to accept or reject the proposed constitution. AP / Andres Poblete

According to Joannet, sustaining the persecution of a novice Garda Magna It is one of the Chilean decrees. “The constitution under which we operate was reformed, but it died because it was largely determined to be so, and we cannot forget it. But it is also true that the proposed plan is dead, and this wish must be respected. We need to bring closure to the painful past of dictatorship and bring us together”.

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On the downside, this is the best scenario for the professional Battle. His view is as follows: New Constitution This is going to bring many financial and administrative problems derived from the increased presence of the state in Chilean life -“That is completely false”-; Now, instead, what can he devote himself to”In fact” Citizens are curious.

Text would have worked like a straitjacket, but now he could devote himself to more important issues like crime, violence in the South, economic restructuring and some social reforms. This is a great opportunity for a fight. True leadership is found in failure”.

Let Boric take care of those things Parliament of new ones Constitution, says Joannette, a necessary change. “Within months of coming to power, the government is overthrown, which usually happens after a year and a half of administration. In other words, he lost what would normally be a honeymoon period between the president and the electorate. But now they have made it easy. They already realize that governing is not the same as politicking on the street and that there are issues that citizens demand.”.

Stephanie Alenda While the key now rests with Congress, it is not clear what the process to follow is, he adds. And he concludes: “But it is known that this process should not last long. Expanding it is not good for the country”.