February 2, 2023

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Controller: The call for S / 300 million urea does not include the conditions to ensure timely purchase.

A statement from Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), Released today, it warns that more than 73,000 tonnes will be procured Fertilizers, More than 300 million soles are at risk due to the provision of the Agro-Rural Product Development Program (AGR) by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (MIDAGR), which lacks the conditions to guarantee the conformity of the process and the effectiveness of the public objective. State.

According to the regulator, the International Call for Approved Guidelines and Technical Specifications (EETT) was launched on May 19 for the purchase of 73’529 tons. Urea fertilizers For S / 348,887,735, do not expect “terms of contract with supplier”. FertilizersOther basic features for finalizing a purchase include “,” timeline, place of delivery of the item, technical warranty period, form of payment, amount due by internment date and delivery number.

Without the severity of the purchase

According to the regulator’s statement, EETT did not specify “tons to be delivered on first and second delivery or port of delivery”.

The regulator notes that “no eligibility requirements or parameters have been predicted” to ensure the selection of a company with more than 73,000 “experience and capabilities” in terms of guidelines for selecting the most favorable offer. Tons of fertilizer needed.

At this point, the technical specifications do not specify, “the presentation of the company’s constitution, the financial statement or any other document certifying the international sale of a good item purchased over the past two years or equivalent”, but the “minimum / maximum production or sale of the requested item”.

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On the other hand, regarding the calling process, the Controller He points out that “no advertising mechanisms are expected at the market trial stage” and therefore “diversity of bidders and free competition to select the most favorable offer” is not guaranteed.

Another notable fact is that the purchase is linked to the responsible group. According to the CGR, the guidelines stated that he had “the power to select the most favorable offer” and that his actions would be in accordance with the “Principles of Ethical Principles for Public Operations”. However, “their functions and / or functions are not specified.”

Affected farmers

The Controller He pointed out that Agro Rural had “not complied with the timely supply of urea nitrogen fertilizer to agricultural producers” as all the deficiencies were found in this process. This is due to the increase in the established deadline for providing the input indicated in the technical specifications.

According to the Agro Rural Schedule, product delivery to the warehouse will take place on August 3, excluding other functions such as “packing and labeling” that are not included in the provisional schedule.

Therefore, 73,529 tonnes of urea fertilizer will be sent to the port on September 4, 2022, delivered to the outlying warehouses of Agro Rural on September 14 and delivered to the field (beneficiaries) on the 21st of the same month. “.

However, the Controller He noted that the agricultural campaign will run from August 2022 to July 2023, “for agricultural producers Fertilizers In advance to guarantee fertilization of their crops from sowing. ”In other words, the fertilizer would have arrived a month late.

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As is well known, the buying process Fertilizers The declaration of a state of emergency in the agricultural sector on March 19 was a starting point for the state due to the Govt-19 vulnerabilities. Now the process said Declared invalid after cancellation of public tender by Agro-Rural.