March 29, 2023

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Corona virus America | Alvaro and Sylvia Fernandez: Vaccinated spouses have been married for 25 years, and died of covid-19 disease in California on the same day | Description | EC stories | The world

A tragic story touches Southern California . Alvaro Fernandez, 44, and his wife, Sylvia Fernandez, 42, died the same day from complications. . The couple, who have been married for 25 years, have not been vaccinated against the disease, which currently sets a record for infections in the United States.

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Alvaro and SylviaLoma lived in Linda and was together from high school . They are the parents of four children, including two 17-year-old twins, Y They died on December 19, a few hours apart.

“My brother and sister are very close”Alvaro’s brother, Salvador Fernandez, said. “They’ve been dating since high school. She’s been together since she’s 15.” One can not live without the other. “

Telemundo reports that both have tested positive Corona virus A few days before he died. Alvaro Fernandez He had health problems before him, including diabetes.

Sylvia and her husband Alvaro.

The couple’s family has confirmed that both have not been vaccinated against corona. They doubted the effectiveness of the vaccines and wanted to wait for further research on them.

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“He wanted to know more about the vaccine.”Alvaro’s sister, Alma Hernandez, said. “She searched for information on Google. I do not want to believe everything I hear in the news.

“It’s a revelation to everyone in my family that those who have not been vaccinated must be vaccinated.”Added.

After the tragic outcome, the couple’s family Wants to raise awareness about the importance of the vaccine Corona virus.

The family also launched a fundraising program to support the children of the deceased.

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Record of infections

To us According to the New York Times, 488,000 people have been infected in a single day since the outbreak broke the record for new corona virus cases on Wednesday.

According to figures from the New York newspaper, the 488,000 new cases registered on Wednesday were more than double the number identified during the worst winter days, and the Times warned that the number could drop significantly by Christmas. Number of tests performed.

According to the newspaper’s account, another record was set on Wednesday: a weekly average of new cases a week since the outbreak began, with an average of 301,000 people a day in the first seven days of Thursday. December 23 to Wednesday 29.

According to the criteria

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