May 30, 2023

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Corona virus America | Felicia Croft: A nurse’s painful call to Govt-19 deniers | Delta Variation | The world

“I can say that today is one of the most emotional and strong days since the epidemic began.”

Felicia Croft Nurse from Willis-Knighton, Louisiana. . Through a video posted on social networks, he said the following Difficult situation Live in the intensive care unit (ICU).

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Kraft He has been working in the ICU for more than a year when the first patients were admitted to hospitals due to the new corona virus.

However, in recent days he has been a witness Aggression Especially young people.

“We are infiltrating and losing people my age and younger”, Bears in the middle of tears and helplessness. He could not understand how fathers and mothers could die and leave their children orphaned.

Kraft Sorry about the dead Not possible Watch your children grow, graduate, and begin other stages of their lives.

The difficult situation is not easy to explain. The nurse does her best to answer her daughter’s embarrassing questions, knowing firsthand her work and its current complexity.

“Mom, why didn’t you save them?”, These are the words her 14-year-old daughter says to her when she asks her about the deaths of loved ones.

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“I can not explain the feeling of failure when you do everything, you give everything to a patient, it’s not enough. Not only knowing that they may have been vaccinated and made a difference“, He noted.

Even if the nurse is aware of the impact we are facing Govit-19Remember the lower chances of dying Vaccinated people. “They usually take their children and go home to hug their spouse.”

Felicia Croft He was nervous and had many questions about the vaccine, he said in an interview with CNN. However, it was reported, talked to doctors and Destroyed the unknown.

The Called to get vaccinated It is blatant to do so: “We have become a very selfish generation (…) It’s not about you, it’s about people who are important to you and important to others.”

UCI occupation is very important in Louisiana. Catherine O’Neill, the medical director of the Larry of Lake Center, says there are not enough beds in another hospital.

The United States has more than 35 million infections and 614 thousand deaths from Govt-19. To this day, it exists 50.29% of the population was fully vaccinatedThat is, 165 million immunized people.


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