March 29, 2023

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Corona virus America | Terry Grier | “Vaccinate”: News of a young trainer who was severely affected by Govt-19 disease in Florida | NNTC | The world

The first week of January this year, Terry Grier, a school coach , 42, athletic and healthy, positive test , Severely affected by the disease, today, without realizing it 100%, decides to tell his story and leaves a message to people from his experience: “Get vaccinated.”

In those days I was expecting many events: the visit of Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl, to celebrate one more wedding anniversary and the vaccine is allowed for people over 40 years of age. However, the day before those events he felt bad and had a fever. A test the next day COVID-19 As described it was positive .

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Considering his age and good physical condition, his wife, Stephanie, reassured him, “You’re going to be fine,” believing everything would go smoothly. At worst, they rated. “I’ll not be sick in seven to ten days.”

But his condition was deteriorating. He passed away a few days later and his fingers turned blue and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. He was later transferred to the intensive care unit.

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Despite everything his wife kept her mindset. Every call she received raised her blood pressure, until the worst news came, January 24 morning: She was going to infiltrate her husband and put him in a coma.

Now Terry admits that there was room for his two children Matthew (16 years old) and Ryan (12) and his wife Stephanie before it penetrated his mind.. Since then, all has become zero or blurred, and subsequent events are known by the sad recollection of his wife.

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“This is the worst call I have ever received in my life. I could not believe what had happened. I asked the doctors and nurses if they could hear what I was saying. She (the doctor) said, ‘Go and talk to him. I can ask you. We don’t know ”, Remember Stephanie. “I asked God to save me”He adds.

The room Terry was allowed in was decorated with photos of family and friends by his wife. His office at the school was filled with encouraging messages from students and other colleagues and even T-shirts made in his memory.

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“When I come in or when I wake up, I look at the photos. The first photo I see is this heart that says ‘We love you’. It gave me a little relief. Know that they are not physically present, but I can see them.”, He recalled Terry.

Terry Grier’s recovery process was difficult and he had to “learn” how to do basic tasks. (Photo: Facebook)

Slow recovery

Terry was hospitalized for 72 daysDuring that time, he lost 22 pounds, his lungs collapsed twice, and he had to use a respirator, feeding tube and lung bypass machine. However, he scored Corona virus.

His body was too weak for him to perform basic tasks such as putting on socks. She had to enter an intensive rehab program, and she “learned” over and over again how to dress, wash dishes, walk and get in and out of the car.

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At home he was dependent on an oxygen tank and a walker, every situation, no matter how low, he was tired, he should always rest and check his oxygen level.

A message from experience

Little by little he left everything sad. Walker was given to her grandmother and she no longer uses the oxygen tank. He wants to take part in a 5K race in November and he has confidence, though at the moment he doesn’t feel 100%.

He wants to make up for lost time and has organized a house party to commemorate the moment when Buchanan won the Super Bowl, however he will still have a few days to wait until his wedding anniversary is even better.

But he, yes, wants to leave a message that can help everyone who can’t wait and wants to hear: “Get vaccinated.”

“Consider getting vaccinated to protect yourself and your loved ones[…] I don’t want anyone else’s family to enjoy what my family went through. No one’s wife or husband has to tell their children that mom or dad shouldn’t come home.Terry concluded in the posted message .


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