December 4, 2022

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Corona virus America | Travis Campbell | American father regrets not being vaccinated when he became seriously ill with Govt-19 video | NNTC | The world

Because they are not vaccinated every day, there are many individuals whose health is greatly affected at the time of illness . This time, a 43-year-old father told of the difficult moment he was experiencing with the virus and appealed to his conscience through his social networks. .

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According to , About Travis Campbell (43), Who was admitted to the hospital a week ago Emergency department at a hospital in Bristol, Virginia.

Campbell is conscious but with obvious breathing difficulties; However, he uses his social networks to share encouraging messages to others who face similar situations.

His wife and two children are known to be infected with the virus, but they remain at home.

“I have never been so sick in my life! My whole family has Govt, and I’m sorry for not getting the vaccine. This is a testament to all my non-bombing friends who oppose: it is time to protect your family, not worthy of chronic lung damage or death, please go and get vaccinated ”The person begs for a post on his personal Facebook.

On the same platform, Campbell He talks about his daily health, which is getting worse every day with obvious difficulties for him while breathing.

A few days ago, the man released a post where he said his health had not improved, but rather.

“They transferred me to the intensive care unit at midnight. My breathing and oxygen did not improve. The next step is a ventilation machine. All of these can be prevented by vaccination“, He details.

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Campbell, who has been very sorry for not being vaccinated in recent days, added in a recent post: “If you have not been vaccinated, for God’s sake, be vaccinated!”.

His call has moved hundreds of users on social networks; In addition, it connects with other patients and relatives who have gone through similar situations.

Other cases

A few days ago, The widow of a Nevada man who is the father of five children shared one of the last messages he exchanged With her fiance: “I should have gotten the worst vaccine”He wrote.

On the other hand, a woman in Florida accepted it Not getting vaccinated at this time was a bad decision for his family, Within a week after his father and brother died of the virus.

Infections of COVID-19 in the United States have been on the rise due to delta variability, forcing authorities to expedite vaccination rates in recent days.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to date, 49.7% of people have completed the vaccination schedule against 57.9% who have received at least one dose.

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