May 30, 2023

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Corona virus | Attention! For this reason your masks may not be 100% effective against the Omigron variant | NNDC | The world

Increased incidence of infections by In these last few weeks it has two culprits in the world: massive community gatherings for Christmas parties and the highly contagious variant Omigron. However, the third reason may quietly go unnoticed and we do not realize it: the use of masks.

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Since it is mandatory by the end of 2020, much has been said about the safety efficacy of these surgical products; However, with arrival Omigron In detail, this may change In Spain, not all masks are effective in preventing the infection of this variant Corona virus.

As explained by the media, the University of Colorado warns that surgical-type masks (usually thin and light blue) will not work against omicranes due to the never-before-seen transfer speed.

Detailed on World Health Organization (WHO), this variant is not as dangerous as the delta, however, it is 70 times more contagious. For this reason, experts who have been consulted by the media advise against the use of these surgical masks or ones made of cloth, which are sold with commercially specific designs.

Claire Judith Harwell, Professor of the Department of Earth Sciences and the University of Durham (United Kingdom) Risk, Risk and Regression Institute, in an interview with Canarias 7 pointed out that you can recognize that your surgical mask has a protective effect. Against Govt-19:

“If we feel the air entering our eyes or the glasses get foggy quickly, the mask will not work against the virus.”, He promises.

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Also, observing the exhalation of breath from the edges of the mask is another factor that shows that we are not fully protected. “The air we breathe can be polluted and go through the mask”, He points out.

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To complete this information, (CDC, in English) Indicates that fabric masks and surgical masks do not provide a tight fit to the edge of the face. CO2 is released into the air through the mask when you breathe or speak. CO2 molecules are small enough to pass easily through the masks of any substance.

“Respiratory drops carrying the virus that causes COVID-19 are much larger than CO2, so they can not easily pass through well – designed and properly applied masks.”, They promised on their portal.

Experts recommend using FFP2 (KN95) or FFP3 masks as they better adjust the shape of the face and prevent polluted air from entering our body.

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The omigran variant of Govit-19 appears to be more prevalent than the delta, with milder symptoms, weighing the activity of the vaccine, the WHO said this Sunday, indicating that this data is preliminary. (Source: AFP)

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