February 2, 2023

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Corona virus: Chile begins to define Santiago as challenging delta variation

About 3.8 million people came out of isolation on Tuesday Santiago de Chile, Hospitals have been on the brink of collapse for several weeks due to the epidemic COVID-19, Thus challenging the infection Delta variant, Confirmed to be coming to the country last week.

One day after the second case of this variant was diagnosed Chile In one student from Armenia, restaurants and non-essential shops reopened, ending a third total lockout in the capital since the beginning of the health crisis.

A total of 24 capital neighborhoods have been left out of total closure, and 8 municipalities will do so as of Thursday, with most of Santiago having free movement from Monday to Friday, although isolation will continue to be used throughout the capital over the weekend. Week.

From medical college Chile “They urged the authorities to take action in proportion to the final attraction of the visit Delta variantThey also confirmed that the rapid increase in further activity ensures that the virus “continues to spread”.

“This variant is very contagious, it has different shape effects, it initially presents with mild symptoms. We have to be very careful,” said Patricio Mesa, president of the association.

Some municipalities have been in total isolation for 100 days in a row, which worsened in March when the hospital system was ordered by a second wave of ropes.

“We are already incarcerated, we all want to do things, isolation suffers, it’s a psychological issue,” Santiago’s neighbor George Guerrero told Efe.

Fear of delta variation

Delta variant, according to this World Health Organization (WHO) It has already been detected in more than 90 countries, which has turned off the alarms of authorities around the world due to its high infectious potential.

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Ann Chile, A country that has closed its borders since April with the exception of essential travels, was detained last Thursday by a 43-year-old woman traveling from the United States due to an emergency situation.

After finding the second case, a student who entered on June 17 explained to the authorities how the passengers on the plane were communicating and spreading. Delta variant.

The delta species were first detected in India last October, making it the most prevalent disease worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

Hospital industry

The number of new victims and the National Positive Index have dropped over the past week Chile, The aggression rate of intensive care units (ICUs) is about 95% and hospital concentration has become a major challenge.

The number of patients infected with the acute corona virus has not dropped below 3,000 for several months, and today there are only 274 critical beds across the country in the health network.

In the last 24 hours, 2,648 new infections and 35 deaths have been reported, raising the overall balance since the onset of the epidemic. COVID-19 1.55 million infections and 32,489 deaths.

A wave of infections occurs Chile Has used one of the most successful immunizations against Covit-19 in the world, reaching a level of more than 80% of the target population today (15.2 per 19 million population).

With two doses, 68% of the target population has already been vaccinated, the majority, by the Chinese laboratory Synovac vaccine, and to a lesser extent by Pfizer-Bioendech, Astrogeneka and Cancino.

(With information from EFE)

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