November 27, 2022

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Corona virus: China tightens isolation in Xian city, bans residents from driving their cars | The world

Limited city Xian, in , Tightened restrictions this Monday At the “strict” level, even residents were banned from driving cars around the city in an attempt to contain the country’s worst eruption in 21 months.

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Historic city Cyan, Whose 13 million people have been locked up for the fifth day in a row, are aware of a new wave of infections.

Restrictions were further tightened on Monday Cyan Announced that Imposes “drastic measures of social control”, According to the city government account on social media.

The city, known for its terracotta sculptures, recorded 150 new infections on Monday, adding a total of 650 infections since December 9th.

From Monday, Vehicles will not be allowed unless it helps in disease control efforts, According to the latest announcement from the authorities.

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Both police and health officials will “strictly inspect” the cars. Violators face up to 10 days in jail and a fine of 500 yuan ($ 78).

Authorities say they have been continuously testing the entire population to prevent it from spreading.

All essential businesses are closed, and each family can only send one person every three days to buy essential items.

China has imposed a “zero Govt” strategy since last year and has stepped up awareness to prevent a major eruption ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February.

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