March 29, 2023

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Corona virus: Germany transports first patients overseas due to hospital pressure due to Govt-19 | The world

The hospital has already transferred some patients abroad due to increased pressure in the middle of the fourth wave The country recorded more than 65,000 new infections this Thursday.

According to data from the Interdisciplinary Association of Intensive Care Medicine (TVI) released this Thursday, there is only one free bed in 100 out of 400 districts and 50 districts without free beds in intensive care.

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Although the total number of patients in the ICU – 5,700 and 5,100 patients – with 5,700 and 5,100 patients, respectively, is less than 3,400, the second and third wave peak moments, staff shortages have reduced ICU capacity and there are fewer beds. A year ago.

The situation is particularly dire in Bavaria (southern Germany) and Baden-Wர்டrttemberg (southwest).

This led to a helicopter carrying two patients from Munich to Bolzano (northern Italy) last week, said Renault Cabe, director of the Freezing Hospital in Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

“Health services are complete, necessary activities must be postponed, events are increasing and recorded infections are being reported every day”, he said. The Bavarian Red Cross and other organizations said in a joint statement.

Theo Zelner, president of the Bavarian Red Cross, warned that the current situation was far more serious than December 2020.

“The current concentration of UCIS and emergency services makes the situation even more dramatic, often due to unvaccinated patients. Serious and urgent patients need to be transferred to hospitals within several hours. Explained.

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German health officials checked 65,371 new infections in 24 hours this Thursday, up from 50,196 a week ago, according to the Robert Koch Institute’s (RKI) virology data, updated yesterday morning.

The total number of cases recorded ten days later, with 336.9 new infections per 100,000 citizens, was 319.5 yesterday.

In Germany, 264 covit-19 deaths were recorded in a single day, up from 235 a week ago, and the number of active cases is 532,600.

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