February 2, 2023

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Corona virus in the United Kingdom | Covit-19 | Due to the UK the world is removing almost all restrictions

This Monday is a day called “Independence Day” which removes all restrictions related to corona virus infection and despite the increase in infections it is causing concern to many scientists and politicians.

More than 128,700 people have died in the Govt-19 United Kingdom, where infections have been on the rise for weeks. The country is the most affected in Europe by the number of cases and has more than 50,000 new infections per day for two consecutive days.

Among the victims was Health Minister Sajid Javed, who was forced to isolate himself after a positive test on Saturday.

The day Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Economy Minister Rishi Sunak, the day of compulsory disguise and social alienation leave the country, are serving a period of contact isolation.

Khair Stormer, leader of the main opposition Labor Party, denounced the situation as “confusing”.

Despite the growing wave of epidemics, Boris Johnson vowed to remove all remaining restrictions. England This Monday, called “Independence Day” (“Independence Day”), wants to believe in the “personal responsibility” to fight the virus.

Johnson is counting on the success of the vaccination campaign, which began in December – two-thirds of adults have been fully vaccinated – and it has “greatly weakened” the link between disease, hospitalization and death, allowing the public health system to deal with the situation.

He also believes summer is the “perfect time” to relax the rules, as officials fear other viruses such as the flu could worsen the situation in the fall.

However, in a video posted on Twitter on Sunday, Johnson called on the public to act in an way that underscores the “serious epidemic” of the delta variant.

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“Please be careful.”

This crucial phase of the deconfinement process was scheduled for June 21, but was delayed by four weeks to vaccinate millions more.

From midnight, venues and venues may reopen at full capacity, clubs may re-open to the public, pubs may resume bar service and the number of people they can meet is no longer limited.

In addition, masks are no longer mandatory, but are recommended in transportation and stores.

Other countries in the United Kingdom – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – adopted a healthier, more prudent schedule England They maintain the duty to wear a mask in closed public places and in traffic.

Up to 100,000 new cases

The Labor opposition says the government is “irresponsible” amid rising infections from the highly contagious delta variant.

The number of daily infections could reach 100,000 this summer, according to the health minister.

An influential group of international scientists has called on the British government to reverse its decision, which “runs the risk of undermining efforts to control the epidemic not only in the UK but in other countries as well.”

There are even critical voices on Boris Johnson’s own conservative side.

Former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt called the situation “very serious” and said hospital admissions were on the rise, leading to the government re-imposing restrictions, as had happened in Israel and the Netherlands.

About 550 Covid-19 patients are currently in intensive care in the UK, with more than 4,000 at the height of the second wave in January.

On Monday, restrictions on borders were also relaxed.

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People from countries that have been fully vaccinated in the UK and classified as ‘amber’, including many tourist destinations such as Italy and Spain, do not have to complete isolation upon arrival.

The exception is France, where cases of beta variation are “persistent”, which raises concerns to the government about its opposition to the widely used astrogenic vaccine in the United Kingdom.

According to the criteria

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