November 27, 2022

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Corona virus Italy: Strict restrictions apply to those who have not been vaccinated against Govt-19 | Super Green Boss | Omigron | The world

Not vaccinated They have been very hard since today. The government is trying to control With a health certificate certified at Christmas, it will only allow immunizers or healers to enjoy rest and recovery.

This measure is applicable across the country, regardless of the epidemiological data of each region. Until next January 15th Stop the upward trend Corona virus In the last weeks.

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Two passports for one country

As of Monday, there are two types of health certificates in Italy: The “Green bass“Natural, given to those who have been vaccinated, cured or have a negative test, and”Super Green Boss”, Only in the hands of the first two divisions.

The first is essential in the use of public transport, including rail. Enter the workplace, sit at a table in dining rooms or hotel restaurants at work, or attend parties and ceremonies such as weddings or baptisms.

But the second version of the “twist” was established by “reinforced” In practice, it excludes those who are not vaccinated from consuming it in cinemas, theaters, sporting events, parties, discos or in bars or restaurants.

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A dump that affects about six million Italians, who do not want to be vaccinated or get vaccinated, compared to the more than 45.7 million of the twelve who make up 84.76% of the population.

Additional restrictions (and penalties)

Its aim is to crack down on a virus that reaches about 15,000 daily infections this time around, and without such measures, trade and the Christmas holidays and the ever-predictable recovery could affect Prime Minister Mario Tracy’s maximum awareness.

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Italian police check the QR code confirming that people received the Covit-19 vaccine at the Fontivage station in Rome. (EFE / EPA / GIUSEPPE LAMI).

For this reason, although Italy has lived with this pass for several months, restrictions have now been tightened.

This Monday, the focus was on public transport, which is used by millions of people, tourists and workers every day, including police officers and municipal employees. “Green bass“Under the pain of financial fines when leaving a metro or city bus.

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“If it helps to overcome the virus, it’s okay, but I think it’s an exaggeration to hear it at the exit of the subway and in restaurants.”As she left the subway in the Romanian region of San Giovanni, young Brenda told EFE.

According to Elena, this dump is “very appropriate.” She, in fact, has come to the capital of the alpine region Friuli Venice Giulia, which is in “yellow condition” or, in small danger, very concerned with the province of Bolzano.

Pavlo, for his part, asks for a certificate at the Metro exit, not at the entrance: “It makes no sense,” he regrets.

We should have added this already Civil defense personnel in cities such as Rome this weekend confirmed the use of masks by pedestrians outside as they walked through the glowing center for the Christmas holidays.

Restaurant staff check the QR code confirming that people in Milan have received the Govt-19 vaccine.  (EFE / EPA / Jessica Pasqualon).
Restaurant staff check the QR code confirming that people in Milan have received the Govt-19 vaccine. (EFE / EPA / Jessica Pasqualon).

The edition of the “Reinforced” Antigovit Certificate will not expire on January 15, in areas classified as “yellow” and “orange”, and in the second and third hazard levels of the four-color scale ending with prison.

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On the other hand, since December 15, health and education administrators have been forced to vaccinate, as did physicians, as well as teachers, veterans, disciplinary and relief services.

School Transportation Debate

In this bureaucratic network, the basic or reinforced certifications required in certain fields or functions are still “knots” to unravel the problem. For example: Is it compulsory for children to use school transport?

The government has said in a statement that this will not be the case for students under 12 years of age, but does not specify the status of those over it.

Two weeks have passed between receiving the first dose and certification, despite the fact that the Federation of Regions has requested a 15-day grace period for the drug to be approved for injection by the drug agency Pfizer.

According to the criteria

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