February 2, 2023

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Corona virus Russia: Moscow closes non-essential services in full Russian hectom by Kovit-19 | Photos | The world

This Thursday began the use of continuous health restrictions such as the closure of schools and restaurants and the imposition of a non-working week for most companies and public administration. Accelerating in Russia.

Control measures Moscow Came into effect in one day Russia Among the violent waves of epidemics affecting the country, another record of deaths and epidemics associated with Govt-19 was recorded.

View: Russia continues another record of 1,123 deaths from the corona virus

In the last 24 hours, 1,159 people have died and 40,096 have been infected with the virus, according to government figures.

Restaurants, beauty salons, clothing or furniture stores, gyms, dance schools and other services considered “essential” will be closed in Moscow. Until November 7th.

According to Sergei Sofian, mayor Moscow – The most affected city Russia– Permission to open only outlets selling medicines, food and essential commodities.

In addition, most companies and applications were ordered to stop working during that period.

Although most of the streets in central Moscow were seen with little traffic on Thursday morning, AFP reporters found that the main thoroughfares were congested and congested.

Vaccine failure

According to government figures, the total death toll is more than 235,000, making Russia the most mournful country in Europe.

The National Bureau of Statistics, which has a broad definition of deaths from Govit-19, reported that by the end of August the corona virus had exceeded 400,000 deaths.

The third wave of infection is driven by the delta variant of the virus, which is contagious and has little respect for the use of masks and remote measures, especially in traffic and stores.

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The vaccination campaign remains complicated by the distrust of the Russians. Although the country has developed four vaccines, including Sputnik V, only a third of them are fully immunized, according to the specialized site Gogov.

Last week the Kremlin admitted the failure of its vaccination campaign, but blamed it for a lack of “citizen awareness.”

Above all, the government is currently refusing any locking or curfew order for fear of further affecting the already weak economy.

Russians on vacation

Instead, President Vladimir Putin wanted to declare a national no-work period between October 30 and November 7, a move he has already taken three times in the past.

Its purpose is to stop the circulation of people and, therefore, to stop the spread of the virus.

However, due to the lack of compulsory imprisonment, many Russians are planning to go on vacation. Located on the Black Sea, the Sochi resort is expected to attract 100,000 visitors.

Air ticket sales to Turkey and Egypt have also exploded.

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