May 30, 2023

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Corona virus | Ruth Kinsey | Nothing was heard about the three brothers, and when they were found, the autopsy revealed that they all died due to Govt-19 | NNDC | The world

The bizarre disappearance of three three-year-old brothers has led Pennsylvania authorities , To reconsider the house where they lived in Johnstown. When they entered last October, they were dead, but there was no sign of murder.

Finally, an autopsy revealed that several months later Ruth Kinsey, 68 years old; And his brothers Richard and Donald (70 and 72, respectively) died Corona virus. Police found their bodies in different parts of the apartment .

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A team of investigators is needed to determine the cause of death of this family. Jeff Lees, Cambria County Coroner, The Corona virus It severely affected their lungs. He came to this conclusion after conducting toxicological tests and microbiological tests.

“At the time of death, it was strange that there were three people who died in such a short period of time close to each other”, Lease pointed out . “That’s why we did autopsies, toxicology and microbiological tests. That’s the forensic facts.

A Ruth They found her lying on the kitchen floor, Richard dead in a living room chair, and Donald was found lying on a trailer bed in the barn of their property. Authorities found only the family pet alive.

They were positive COVID-19 And his lungs were heavy and congested. The brothers had died five days before the discovery.

“They are sick people”Lease pointed out. “I do not know whether the tests were done or not, I can not determine at this point,” he continued. The coroner was also unable to determine if the elderly had a vaccination schedule against COVID-19.

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At first, authorities suspected that the brothers had died of suffocation due to a gas leak, but that theory was rejected. The family dog ​​was taken to a shelter Cambria District.

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