August 17, 2022

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Corona Virus United States: Iowa Rejects Thousands of Expired Covit-19 Vaccines | The world

, In , Has rejected tens of thousands of expired doses of the vaccine And health officials said it could reject hundreds of thousands more if the need for the vaccine continues to lag in the state.

Iowa Public Health Spokeswoman Sarah Extrand released more than 81,000 vaccines in the state Monday. El des Moines record.

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“It is very sad that we throw away so many doses once we know the vaccine works”Rachel Reimer, head of the public health department at the University of Des Moines, said millions of people in other countries are eager to get vaccinated. “We can’t really afford it.”

Federal officials have said States cannot refund or donate vaccines that are not used by manufacturers For other states or countries, Extrand said.

“We have exhausted all options before the vaccine expires”He told me to register in an email.

The department warned last month that the government would have to reject about 217,000 doses by the end of August if demand is not met.

Health officials say the demand for the vaccine has recently increased as cases have increased over the summer. But still Demand is lower than it was in April, When vaccines were first available.

The Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Monday that 59% of eligible Iowans have been fully vaccinated. In some districts, less than 40% of residents have been vaccinated.

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