February 2, 2023

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Corona virus: US wants foreigners fully vaccinated against Govt-19 to enter the country from November | Joe Biden | The world

It will ease some travel restrictions starting in November, which will require all foreigners visiting the country to be fully vaccinated. , Announced Monday.

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All foreigners going to the United States must show proof of vaccination before boarding The coordinator said the test was negative three days before the flight COVID-19 The White House, Jeff Giants, announced the new policy.

Government of the President Joe Biden It will also tighten the rules for non-vaccinated Americans because they must be tested one day before leaving the United States and when returning.

Fully vaccinated passengers do not need to be isolated, Gents said.

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The new policy was first announced by the Donald Trump administration last year and then tightened பிடன்Non-citizens have been barred from entering the country for the past 14 days in Britain, the European Union, China, India, Iran, the Republic of Ireland, Brazil and South Africa.

“This policy is for each individual and not for every country, so this is a very solid strategy.”Giants mentioned.

In addition, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) They will ask airlines to collect contact data from international travelers, to facilitate the pursuit of close individuals if needed, Giants said.

It is not immediately clear which vaccines will be accepted United States, Or if the government accepts what is not recognized in the country. The Giants announced that the decision would be in their hands CDC.

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The new policy will take effect in early November, giving airlines and other travel agencies time to implement the new requirements, Giants said.

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