May 30, 2023

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Corona virus USA: Delta variant hits US and government mobilizes all resources to vaccinate | Covit-19 | The world

The Of Clears inside Authorities are mobilizing all resources, even in the national, state and private sectors, to ensure that the maximum number of Americans are vaccinated, in the face of rising infections and hospitals.

There were 132,384 new Govt-19 cases in the United States on Wednesday, With a weekly average of 113,000 infections, which represents a 24% increase compared to the previous seven days.

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Mentioned this Thursday by this director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walensky, at a White House press conference.

The number of hospital admissions increased by 31% compared to the previous week, with an average of 9,700 admissions in daily health centers.

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“We continue to see an increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths across the country, and now 90% of districts in the United States are experiencing significant or greater transfers.” Kovid, Valensky insisted.

In addition, cases of juvenile delinquency are on the rise.

Chief Epidemiologist, Government of the United States Anthony Fossie, A large number of infections in children and adolescents have been described in the same appearance before the media. Delta variant It is more contagious than other types such as alpha.

“The only thing we know for sure is that more cases refer to more minors in the hospital.”, He warned.

Changes in the area with multiple vaccines

The infectious potential of this mutation is that it spreads to parts of the United States with high vaccination rates.

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An analysis published this Thursday by the Washington Post shows that two-thirds of Americans living in areas with high vaccination rates have a high number of infections in hotspots.

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This study shows how quickly the situation has changed in a month due to the delta outbreak, starting with the problem in low-immunity areas and causing concern across the country.

As of July 4, only 4% of residents in districts with high vaccination rates were living in covetous hotspots – with a high number of infections and these in development – compared to 13% of vaccinated individuals.

However, in August that distinction went unnoticed: two-thirds of the areas with high and low immunizations were in areas with high levels of the disease.

However, even if you live in an area with many cases, the data suggest that vaccination is much safer, the Washington Post noted.

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It was highlighted by experts at the White House this Thursday, where they encouraged Americans to get vaccinated.

“We all know that vaccination is the best way to end cowpea and infection”Jeff Giants, co-ordinator of the government’s response to the epidemic, said.

Progress in the Vaccine Campaign

For the first time since June, the United States has registered an average of half a million people who have received the first dose of Covid injection, with the first dose being given to 3.3 million Americans last week alone.

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Giants noted that the biggest improvements in immunity are in states with multiple cases, such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

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The officer recalled some of the measures taken to promote vaccination for all federal employees, as well as active veterans.

He promised that state and local authorities would accept the vaccine requirements and that companies such as Amtrak McDonald’s or NBC / Universal would personally ask their workers to be vaccinated back to their jobs.

About 700 colleges and universities across the country have announced vaccine requirements so that 5 million university students can return to the classroom, Giants said.

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Despite government calls, there is opposition to vaccination or wearing a mask in many parts of the country, whose use is politicized in the country and many supporters of former President Donald Trump refuse to wear them.

The problem became apparent Wednesday night when a group of protesters tried to boycott a school board meeting at Williamson County School outside Nashville, Tennessee.

In a speech on Thursday, Biden lamented what had happened at the school and said he had seen images of anti-masked protesters threatening nurses and doctors as they left the school administration meeting.

“Our health workers are heroes,” he recalled. They were heroes when there were no vaccines.

He added, “It’s not about politics, it’s about protecting our children.”

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