October 7, 2022

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Coronavirus in Amrica: bajan cassos vari vari paos per suben las muertes, dice la OPS

These are new infections COVID-19 The business affiliated with the topic of public relations rollout plans is ever expanding Américasaunque siguen siendo “mui altas”, per las muertes aumentaron, en particular en partes de Centroamérica y Sudamérica, informó el myrcoles la Organizen Panamericana de la Salud (OPS).

La oficina regional de la Organizational Mundial de la Salud (OMS) In all, the first case of febro se registron is at 4.8 millones new cassos COVID-19 and more than 33,000 new moorings in the continent of America.

This supone has a reduction of 31% in low cassocks and an increase of 13% with low fallout with respect to the ultimate in energy.

In Norteamérica, los newes contagios y muertes bajaron en los tres paise -Estados Unidos, Canadá y Mexico-, aunque las hospitalizaciones solo disminuyeron los dos primeros.

Los casos newvos cayeron en toda Centroamérica, per muertes subieron for a 30%. The most desirable contents are pronounced in El Salvadorin a 70%, and in Belize and Panamá, in a tercio.

En Sudamicrica is registered as one of the Disease Infections, with reductions in Argentina and Per. Pero las muertes por COVID-19 Siguieron en alza, with a share of 9.4% in Bolivia and 42% in Venezuela.

Adams, observe an increase in las hospitalizations in the mayor of Los Angeles Sur, with an account of 50% Chile.

In el Caribe you can report menus casos new and my muses, except in algones. In Dominica, for example, the risk of infection is 88%.

La directora de la OPSCarissa Etienne, subray’s impact on the vacuum to reduce reducer casfews enfermedad grave and more por COVID-19.

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“This destination has a tendency: los pauses with mayor cobertura vacuum vacancy These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to create unique content.

“This infatiza’s import of ampliar el accos a las vacunasincludes las dos de refuerzo “, apuntó.

All ciphers of OPS, one or more people in las Américas no ha recibido ni a sola dosis de la vacuna contra COVID-19.


¿El descenso de los casos hace pensar en el fin de la pandemia?

“The principal characteristic of this pandemia sigue sindo la incertidumbre de su evolución. Y this request cierta precision. Puden surgery is a new variant of preoccupation and cambier for completing the profile epidemiological COVID-19“, advocacy Etienne.

Segn Sylvain Aldighieri, in the event of an incident OPS“probablement systems in pendient descendants of an ola global case por icmicron”.

Icmicron, the quinta variant of the preocupacin design OMS In the apariciin del virus final 2019 (lugo alpha, beta, gamma y delta), provocado en general casos menos graves, per transmibilidad sido mucho mayor, con cual “a tinene un impacto significant”, indic.

“Si surgery variants adicionales, no podemos anticipate seri mous o menos graves y transmisibles, and this is one incertidumbre with la tenomes que lidiar”, precisely Aldighieri.

This is the destination where your life is most likely to be caused by a virus COVID-19 “Eventually” is the new endemic, “these are the best algorithms”.

“Desperately, esperamos ver new epidemias or grandes brotes inclus in reas with alba cobertura vacuum vacancyspecially donate las meds of salu public and distanciamiento social se relajan “, dijo.

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– ‘Espacio Vital’: ¿What is the significance of this “complementary” vacuum?