November 27, 2022

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Darya Dukin | Alexander Dugin | Daughter of “Vladimir Putin’s ideologue” dies in car explosion, Russian media report | Russia | Velyki Vyazomi | the world

A car driven by his daughter Daria “The ideologue Alexander Dugin exploded in the village of Veliki Vyazomi on the outskirts. .

“A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado flew in the air In the village of Veliki Vyazomi on the outskirts of Moscow. The driver diedSecurity forces said. “According to some media, Daria, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, was the person killed in the explosion,” TASS agency reported.

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Eyewitnesses of the blast, which occurred around 9:45pm local time, said a strong gust of wind toppled the vehicle in the middle of a road and scattered debris across the area. next, The vehicle crashed into a fence and burst into flamesAccording to videos and photos taken at the scene of the events, the RT news network reported.

Numerous pictures and videos of the blast site are circulating on Twitter. For some, Alexander Dugin himself is the target.

According to RT Channel, The same Russian ultranationalist philosopher and political scientist who can be seen in the video recorded at the scene of the explosion, with his hands in his hair..

According to Daily MailCiting Russian sources, Both of them had to travel in the same car after returning from attending a public functionBut Dukin decided at the last moment to board another vehicle.

Daria is 30 years old. He was devoted to journalism, philosophy and political scienceAnd it was added to the lists in July 2022 Britain sanctions Against Russian figures in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine.

Police reports were essentially unknown, nor was the origin of the explosion that ended the woman’s life. According to Russian state media RT, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, condemned “terrorists of the Ukrainian regime” as being behind the attack and trying to kill Dukin.

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Who is Dugin?

Dugin, victim’s father, A A philosopher who took up the tradition of Russian nationalism to support Vladimir Putin’s presidency; He developed a theory of international relations that warned of the development potential of Eurasia in a multipolar world.

Dukin’s intellectual influence on the Russian leader is well known to scholars of the post-Soviet period, who sometimes refer to Dukin as such. “Putin’s Brain”.

Dugin is 60 years old and A He has been a prominent figure in Europe’s “new right” for nearly three decades, but his work is also well known to the “alt-right” in America.

Alexander Dugin in his television studio in the center of Moscow, Russia on 08/11/2016. / Francesca Ebel – AB

Sometimes described as “the world’s most dangerous philosopher,” Dugin also envisions a new, multilateral global order in which Russia will play a leading role.

Some point to Dugin as the real mastermind behind Putin’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Years ago he argued that military intervention in eastern Ukraine was necessary to “save Russia’s moral authority.”

Dugin visited Argentina several times, where he presented his ideas at conferences in which he questioned liberalism as a political philosophy, which he characterized as the manifestation of a new type of authoritarianism.

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