March 29, 2023

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David Parker | Corona virus: dies from COVID-19, one of the most serious vaccines in the United Kingdom | The world

In the midst of another worrying increase in cases In , The news of the death of one of its most incredible citizens in front of the vaccines comes as a ‘mirror’ to the skeptics.

David Parker, owner of a nightclub in North Yorkshire, central England, has died. Due to Govt-19, A disease that is not taken seriously.

As you can read in his posts on Facebook, he was not even the slightest bit concerned about facing a health emergency.

For example, He refused to wear a mask They “until it is verified that its long-term use does not cause severe respiratory problems.”

Parker commented to ‘The Sun’ newspaper that Steve Wilgenel, one of his close friends and the manager of his bar He hesitated to believe In the significance of the epidemic.

We argued about getting vaccinated and tried to convince him to keep it, but he didn’t. He did not believe it, did not like it, and it was because of the distrust of the elite that, frankly, we could not change his mind about him.“, he said.

Viljanal also relates it Together they infected Govt After working for a long time in the bar kitchen.

Vaccine resistance, the owner of a bar, was against all mobile restrictions used by governments.

“But the difference is that after three negative tests I was able to recover to the extent of returning to work after 10 days, while David’s condition worsened.”

Although Parker is wearing Very healthy livingFailure to consider her risk of illness prevented her from going to the hospital of her own free will.

“After he was injured, he did not want to do tests, he did not want to call a doctor. When there was no answer, I went to his house, went inside, and when I saw him, I called an ambulance.Steve highlighted.

According to the medical report, his health deteriorated and he died of complications caused by poor health Govit-19.

As I read in one of his Facebook posts, David Parker believed it was contagious World War III Fighting between governments and citizens “Freedom”.

Also, his profile is full of memes and Concerned misinformation Regarding vaccination and bio-health care.

According to Villignal, the family of the vaccine was devastated.

Nevertheless “They encourage everyone to get vaccinated because they do not want others to be affected as they do now”.

Be quiet, Uncle David. If you have the vaccineIt would have saved you “One of his daughters-in-law commented on the posthumous release.

After delivering about 30,000 new infections this Thursday, the United Kingdom has consolidated 5.98 million cases And more 100 thousand deaths As the sixth most infected country in the world.

So far, only 58% of its citizens have been vaccinated, despite having enough to meet the total demand.

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