May 30, 2023

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David Sanders and Elsie: Covit-19 donated her dead husband’s body for science, but it was cut off at a paid show | Oregon | USA | EC stories | The world

The body of a Louisiana man who wanted to donate to science after his death has been dismembered in front of a paying audience at the “Exhibition of Interests and Wonders” in Oregon. , Local media report. His wife is terrified.

“As far as I’m concerned, this is horrible, unethical, and I have no words to describe it.”, Elsie Sanders In Baker, a suburb of Baton Rouge. “I have all the documents that claim his body will be used for science. There is nothing about commercializing his death.”

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Husband of Sanders, Was identified as a WWII and Korean War veteran David Sanders, He died COVID-19 At the age of 98. When she got a call from the station, she said she knew she had been hacked by people paying up to $ 500 per seat. In D. Seattle.

On October 17, the station sent a secret reporter to a unit , When Parked at a hotel in Portland, Oregon. Photo journalist With name David Sanders Written on the body of a toy, it was presented as an 86-year-old.

A similar event planned for Halloween in Seattle has been canceled following reports from King-TV.

Elsie Sanders According to the Baton Rouge newspaper, Louisiana State University Medical School refused to remove her husband’s body because he died of COVID-19. After that, he got in touch From Las Vegas for guidance on what to do.

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Med Ed’s website says it is “Established to provide training in medical and surgical education and to promote innovation in medicine”.

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Manager Optin Nasiri told The Advocate that Med Ed had never worked with Death Science before, which guaranteed the professional use of the body. He told King-TV that Death Science founder Jeremy Siliberto would be used for the physical medicine class.

Siliberto did not immediately respond to an email sent to the Death Science Club or to a chat message sent via the Death Science website via the Associated Press.

Med Ed sold the body to Death Science.

Silberto told King-TV that Med Ed did not tell him that Sanders He died of Govt-19 disease and he will not be working in that company.

Seattle news agency King-TV sent a secret reporter to watch the show. (King 5).

The Death Science website advertises it as “the most realistic death science courses for learning in a unique, fun and engaging way.” It also sells anatomical models, death-themed artwork, and branded products with slogans such as “Support your local body lab.”

Nassiri of Med Ed said he had apologized Elsie Sanders.

“We respect our donors and their families and appreciate their generous gift.”Nasiri said. “I told Mrs. Sanders: Sorry, I’m by your side.”

He said the body underwent a negative test for the corona virus before being handed over to Med Ed. He said the virus was dead by then and no one was in danger of extracting the meaning of the test.

Death Science recently sent out an email recommending that everyone who attended the October 17 session be tested for the corona virus as a precautionary measure, although the embossing may kill the cov-19. .

Greg Clark, owner of South Louisiana-based Church Funeral Services, which produced Sanders’ body, said he was “saddened” to learn that the public had been cut off and that he had stopped working with Med Ed.

“We are very sorry for his widow because it was not his intention.” He told the newspaper.

After learning about her story, Sanders said she hopes people will value her husband’s life.

The two have been married for 10 years and have known each other for more than six decades. After Hurricane Katrina they moved from Salmet to Baker outside of New Orleans, Elsie Sanders said.

They wore masks in public places and usually stayed home due to infection, but she said her husband was affected during the outbreak of delta-different infections.

“He was very patriotic,” he said. “He thought donating his body was also an act of patriotism because it would be used to help someone else.”

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