February 2, 2023

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The relationship between And Lady D is a mystery that will never be revealed.

Although it is true Diana She was considered the best candidate to marry him. Prince CarlosWhat they initially thought was a dream story did not turn out as expected.

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According to palace sources, When things started to go wrong between Diana and Charles, Elizabeth gave the princess her full support. So they can move forward with their marriage.

For those times, Diana began appearing at Buckingham Palace unannounced I want to talk to the king.

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“At first, the Queen viewed these unscheduled visits with tolerance,” palace staff recounted: “Usually, Diana He was in a much better mood when he left than when he arrived.

In this March 27, 1981 file photo, Queen Elizabeth II poses with her son Prince Charles and his fiancee Lady Diana Spencer at Buckingham Palace. (Photo: PA / AFP). /

The Troubles of Princes Charles and Diana

This is no secret to anyone Prince Charles cheated on Diana when they were married. In addition to this betrayal Current wife CarlosAnother problem in the relationship between the heir and his wife Diana was the young princess’s bulimia.

In Andrew Morton’s biography, the writer recreates a conversation Lady D And the Queen.

“The reason our marriage fell apart Prince Charles suffered greatly from my bulimiaa”, is heard in the fragment.

However, according to the biography, Diana received the support of the Queen and both Philip of Edinburgh He tried to help and understand her so that she could heal and move forward.

Anyway, The Queen Isabel Certain behaviors are not acceptable Diana As a member of the royal family.

Journalist Martin Bashir's interview with Princess Diana was broadcast in 1995.
Journalist Martin Bashir’s interview with Princess Diana was broadcast in 1995.

These are five attitudes that are not accepted by the Queen

The king did not like the way the princess treated the servants He talked about things as personal as cooks, bodyguards and butlers.

He also could not understand the psychological imbalancesDiana At times, she had exaggerated and desperate reactions to her husband Prince Charles’ indifference.

Further, In a 1995 interview with Martin Bashir, Queen could not forgive him for admitting that she had an affair with James Hewitt. Ex-Officer of Royal Guard.

Secondly, Elizabeth II felt betrayed by Diana, who, in the same interview with the BBC, said Carlos was unfit to be king. And he didn’t think it would.

In addition, Isabel couldn’t accept that Diana had leaked the financial deals to the press when they were separated.

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