November 27, 2022

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II | “You’re a sick old man!” They shout at Prince Andrew in procession with Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin | King Charles III | Edinburgh | Scotland | United Kingdom | Video | the world

A coffin with a body She walked the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland on Monday, accompanied by her four children: King Charles III, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward, visiting St Giles Cathedral. All was quiet until a shout was heard against Andres.

AndresThird son Isabel II, who died at the age of 96, was known to be his favourite. However, he unleashed such a scandal that the Queen chose to revoke her titles and military affiliations and bar her from holding any public office.

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The Duke of York Was in the eye of the hurricane for the relationship with the financier and allegation of sexual abuse against Andres A woman filed that the incidents happened when she was a minor.

Britain’s Prince Andrew, Duke of York walks behind the hearse of Queen Elizabeth II from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles Cathedral. (Andy Buchanan/AFP)
Britain's King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward walk behind the hearse of Queen Elizabeth II's coffin.  (OLI Scharf / AFP).
Britain’s King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward walk behind the hearse of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin. (OLI Scharf / AFP).

Since then, reviews Andres They didn’t stop and this Monday they were out again.

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As the four children walk silently behind the cart carrying their mother’s coffin, A young man shouted. “Andrew, you are a sick old man.”. As the event was broadcast live, everyone who followed them except those present at the scene was heard crying.

Another funeral participant pushed the boy and a small fight ensued. A guard came up and said, “Disgusting!” He caught the young man who was shouting. and “I did nothing wrong.” Finally, the guard took him away, and the other participants shouted: “God save the king!”.

The media later reported that the youth shouted Andrew He is 22 years old and He was arrested for “disturbing the public order on the Royal Mile”.

The procession never stopped Andres He didn’t gesture at the shout. The coffin arrived at the cathedral, where mass was celebrated for the dead king.

Once inside St GilesThe coffin was placed on a wooden plinth, topped with the Crown of Scotland, studded with 22 gems and 20 precious stones, as well as pearls from the rivers of Scotland.

“We gather in Scotland to say goodbye to our late King who served the nation and the world. The love for Scotland is legendary.” The saint said Callum MacLeod.

The Prince Andrew He finally reached a settlement with Virginia Gueufre, the woman who accused him of sexual abuse. The Daily Mail newspaper confirmed that Andres paid €8.7 million to avoid prosecution, although the amount of his payment was kept secret. The amount specified by the accused party should be donated to a charity.

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