February 9, 2023

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Debanhi Escobar strikes a man in the face, reveals new videos | New Lyon | Mexico | The world

The case of the young Mexican The man, who appeared to have died of head injuries in a motel tank, maintains secrecy with his relatives, acquaintances and the public, awaiting an immediate solution from judicial authorities.

The 18-year-old criminal student was attending a party with his friends. Departing at dawn on April 9, he boarded a digital platform taxi and got into an argument with the driver, so he chose to get off on a deserted road. Since then, it is not clear what happened.

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After more than 13 days of searching, she was found dead New Castle MotelFrom the state of Nuevo Len in Mexico. Her family demands answers and maintains that the young woman may have been abused. They also allege that the authorities were not interested in conducting investigations.

Why did he run?

On Wednesday afternoon, some Mexican media outlets released the videos Escobar Walking, in a few seconds, she ran towards what appeared to be a motley, where she lay dead.

Mira: “My parents deserve the truth”: Taxi driver reveals audio of what he allegedly said before Deborah Escobar disappeared

However, the Milinio TV network rebuilt the young woman’s path a long time ago, thanks to security cameras.

One of the first scenes was captured in a store on Friday, April 8 at 11:30 p.m. DePanhi appears with two of his friends, Sarah and Yvonne, and buys what would be a bottle of liquor.

According to the aforementioned media, other videos show the group getting off the white vehicle that would be Juan David Guiller’s taxi. That is, Debenhi and his friends arrived at the El Diamond Farm, where the banquet was held, at 1:20 a.m. Saturday and entered the Rumba site.

Mira; Why did Dipanhi Escobar run away when he entered the motel? The prosecutor’s office says no one chased her

“They were looking for other parties that were already over. Then they came to this place. It is not known who arranged the party, but they were allowed inside”, Says the chain’s journalist.

Only about 25 minutes had passed until 1:45 pm, when the same security camera filmed outside the farm Tebanhi A man in a white shirt runs after her.

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The man who followed her tried to stop her, to which the young woman slapped him in the face, a clear sign of security.. Others had passed a few moments to come, apparently to mediate the problem, but she continued to confront them.

In fact, friends Escobar They recalled that episode in an interview with the ‘Televisa’ network.

“She’s stupid, we’re leaving her alone, she’s not worried, her parents’ lawyers, she will pay us if we let her. After that, she runs to the pool alone and she wants to jump. I stop her and tell her to calm down, she shakes hands and starts to tell me to leave her alone. As I retreated, she began to run around the poolSarahi said.

According to the story, another guy wanted to calm her down, forcing her to leave her alone, so she left the farm.

“He did not want to give me his address”

At 3:50 a.m., another security camera had access to Milinio, showing Juan David Kuller’s taxi coming to the farm. Tebanhi got into the car as two unidentified men were talking to her and the driver.

Guiller said Debenhi complained with tears about the behavior of her friendsAfter that, he asked if he could park the car and if the phone had a charger. He stopped and moved to the front seat without telling the driver where to take her.

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“She did not want to give the address, she looked back and she behaved angrily. I can not tell you where I want to take her, ”the man said in an interview with Media Info7.

Debenhi took a taxi in front of the farm where the party was taking place.  (Photo: Millennium Video Capture).
Debenhi took a taxi in front of the farm where the party was taking place. (Photo: Millennium Video Capture).

According to Queller, the young woman did not give him his address and told him to stop in the middle of the road, where he himself took the last photo revealed to announce his disappearance.

The last photo of Debanhi Escobar is said to have been taken by the driver who was looking for her at the party to take her home (credit: Instagram/@debanhi.escobar).
The last photo of Debanhi Escobar is said to have been taken by the driver who was looking for her at the party to take her home (credit: Instagram/@debanhi.escobar).

Of course, as Dipanhi’s father Mario Escobar said, the driver promised that he would not touch or harass her.

Since then, it is not clear what happened. Videos from other cameras show the woman running and entering the motel, but it is not clear why she fell into the lifeless tank.

“Inside the tank they found the body and its belongings. Out of respect for the family, we will not disclose what she did not record about what she had in her bag.Milinio journalist Asusina Uresti concluded.

Thus, in the case where Mexico and a part of Latin America were shocked by the mysterious and loose results, investigations are continuing to clarify the cause of his death.