November 27, 2022

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Debanhi Escobar: What does the body language of the victim’s friends say? | Nuevo Leon Lawyer’s Office | Mexico | EC stories | | The world

Analyst Mariffer Senteno described the behavior of friends During a television interview they presented a version of the facts about the last time they saw the young woman alive.

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“They met because they were not friends,” the researcher begins. He points out that he met one of the girls four months ago and the other woman on the day of the events (April 9).

“This pose we see is a mirror pose and we see how the feet indicate that they already want to leave. If a person already wants to leave, they put their feet in the direction of the exit. Why do they accept glass poses because they are identical, because they are allies? That does not mean close friends, they are best friends at this time.

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Why do Tebanhi’s friends cover their faces?

“I understand the health condition we are experiencing, however, the interviewer did not bring it up. They do this to avoid being recognized and to wear glasses, it was said in the comments that they usually do not wear glasses.

He pointed out that one of the young women was more reluctant than the other and the two did not move during the interview.

“They do not move, they are completely erect, which, apart from tension, usually when a person is lying down, the body freezes below the neck. Here you can see how completely erect the body is. It’s just because they feel threatened.”

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Friends “avoid” mentioning Tepanhi’s name

He noted that they always avoid mentioning Tepanhi’s name. With regard to anxiety, he said it was not bad. “This is the body’s natural reaction to a threat.”

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Regarding whether there is supposed to be “training”, the researcher said, “If they really had a mentor, I would have told them to cry.”

And they shout to create remorse when what they actually achieve is the opposite effect. It should become what they achieve

Even the great villains of distant and historical, so it seems to me that they are not advised.

He also noted that there were contradictions and hesitations in his story, and that body language was “very tense”.