May 30, 2023

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Dictoc Viral | At the age of 21, a young woman was subjected to pipe binding, sparking controversy among her followers.

A He never imagined that instead of the many videos he made on his personal account, he would go viral for a personal decision to share with his followers. At the same time, the young woman did not think about the large number of negative comments Of your experience.

About , From a Colombian 21 years Who decided to undergo a tube bond to avoid unwanted pregnancies in the future, and he explained in another video. :

My tubes were tied when I was 21 because I was suffering from a lot of hormonal issues with contraceptives and I did not want to have children. “ He comments in one of his videos that he did not just have children, but one Medical problem.


I had my tubes tied at the age of 21 because I was suffering so much hormonal by contraceptives that I didn’t want to have children. # Pipe connection # Self family #F

Times Celebrate Good Time – Mason

As expected, her followers and those outside her environment decided to comment on her decision, she should have known better, she should have found a partner or wait a while before taking that step.

However, the She promised that she had made a completely safe decision about what to do, and dedicated several of her videos to let many women know about the process. Pipe connection.

The story went viral with various reactions triggered online, but she insisted that there was still a big thought about it and that she was already the majority, very clear about what she wanted for her future, and did not want to. Take with or without children Hormone pills


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