May 30, 2023

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DolarToday and Monitor, Venezuela: What is the Purchase and Sale Price, Today, Monday, December 20, 2021 | BCV | Venezuela | BDV | Co-dollar | NNDC | Economy

The According to Dollar Today, this is on the rise in Venezuela, while the Venezuelan government has confirmed that 97% of the education sector is vaccinated against COVID-19.

Initially, the dollar was 4.71 digital bolivars in the informal market in Venezuela, up 0.42% compared to 4.69 the previous day, according to data from the portal. .

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According to the Efe Agency, Venezuela’s Minister of Education Yelitze Santaella this Sunday promised that “approximately” 97% of educators across the country will be vaccinated against COVID-19, whether they have a single dose or a full immunization schedule.

“Almost 97% of all executives, workers, cooks, teachers and educators in this country have already been vaccinated by this great initiative of the Bolivarian government.”During an interview with Culture Minister Ernesto Villagas, Chandella said on his show aired on the state channel VTV.

In the case of children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17, the officer promised. “The most significant percentage is 700,000 children who have already been vaccinated.” It is also involved in vaccinating children 2 to 11 years of age.

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In this regard, the Minister called on parents to vaccinate their children at different places approved by the Ministry of Health, even though schools are closed.

In addition, Chandella promised “It was completed in the first phase” This icon has been called up since last October 25, after being suspended for 19 months due to infection.

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“In the midst of a war, in the midst of an epidemic, it is not easy to invite our educators to face-to-face classes. It was really a challenge, as President Nicholas (Maduro) considered it. I can tell you., He pointed out.

In Venezuela, face-to-face classes were suspended in March 2020 and returned on October 25, by order of the administrator.

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