February 2, 2023

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DolarToday and Monitor, Venezuela: What is the purchase and sale price, today, Thursday, January 20, 2022 | BCV | Venezuela | BDV | Co-dollar | NNDC | Economy

The After realizing that PDVSA’s financial debt will reach US $ 34,894 million in 2021, it remained stable on Thursday in Venezuela, according to DolarToday.

Initially, the digital market in Venezuela was $ 4.82 digital bolivars, which is the same as the previous day, according to the portal’s data. .

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Venezuela’s consolidated financial debt rose 1.2 percent to $ 34,894 million last year, according to the state’s balance sheet, which was released on Wednesday.

As of December 31, 2020, PDVSA’s financial debt stood at $ 34,494 million, according to the Correo del Orinoco newspaper.

According to the document, three-quarters of the current consolidated debt at the end of 2021 is similar to loans contracted by the parent company, mainly securities. Related to the remaining debt securities and credit facilities contracted by PDVSA’s subsidiaries and joint ventures.

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Following the imposition of financial sanctions by the United States, PDVSA suspended its obligations to securities and many lenders.

Last year, the boards overseeing CIDCO Petroleum, its main external subsidiary, were hired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. to oversee negotiations with lenders controlled by the opposition.

In 2021, Venezuela was able to stop the free fall that its oil production and exports had accumulated, and in 2019 sanctions lifted its main market, the US PDVSA.

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