February 9, 2023

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DolarToday: Find out the price of the dollar this Sunday, August 8, 2021 in Venezuela

The The dollar price in Venezuela today Sunday, August 8, 2021, according to DolarToday It is located at 4,104,842.85 Bolivar. In the meantime, accounts Dollar Monitor They also publish their exchange rate statements through their official networks Instagram Y Twitter.

Compare Exchange rate in Venezuela yesterday and Saturday, Today it does not increase or decrease in units according to the Dolarto portal.

These are statistics Parallel dollar, The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) regulates the official value of exchange rates in Venezuelan currency.

Dolartoday: The value of the dollar in Venezuela

Dollar price in Venezuela Bs. 4,104,842.85 DolarToday. You will know the conversion rate in different sizes in the following table:

5 USD Bs 20.524.214,25
10 USD Bs 41.048.428,50
$ 20 Bs 82.096.857,00
$ 50 Bs 205.242.142,50
$ 100 Bs 410.484.285,00
$ 500 Bs 2.052.421.425,00
$ 1000 Bs 4.104.842.850,00

Dollar Monitor: The dollar price in Venezuela

According to the account today is the dollar price on Sunday August 8, 2021 Dollar Web Monitor S PS4,010,702.13.

Keep track of today $ 8 dollars and Dolarte.

The equivalent dollar in Venezuela

Learn about the dollar price in Venezuela according to the free dollar map in Venezuela.

Keep track of today $ 8 dollars and Dolarte.

Venezuela News

Venezuela Will remove six zeros from its currency from October BolivarAmid high inflation leading to widespread use of the dollar, its value plummeted, the central bank (BCV) said last Thursday, August 5, which also announced a new currency curve.

This is the third change in 13 years. Former President Hugo Chavez (1999-2013) removed three zeros from the currency in 2008. His heir, Nicolas Maduro, Doing the same in August 2018, removing five zeros.

In total, 14 zeros were removed from Bolivar. From October 1, 2021, the Digital Bolivar will come into effect using a currency that removes six (6) zeros from the national currency. In other words, all currencies and all denominations in the national currency are divided by one million (1,000,000), ”the bank said in a statement.

This decision seeks to “facilitate” the use of the currency, taking it to “simple cash levels”. Photo: AFP

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