May 30, 2023

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The After attending the Selak meeting in Mexico, Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro broke the 4 million sovereign Bolivar ban this weekend before returning to the plains.

The exchange rate was quoted at 4,074,044.17 bolivars per dollar in the parallel or informal market. .

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According to Efe, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived at the Micaeta airport this Sunday to serve Caracas after attending a surprise meeting of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC) in Mexico.

“Okay, ready, I’m coming now, at Micah Airport. The mission was accomplished in Mexico. Good luck to the Latin American and Caribbean union.”Maduro said in a video posted on his Twitter account.

In it, he can be seen getting off the plane of Convius Airways, which was allowed in 2020 by US authorities “Transfer corrupt regime officials around the world to increase support for anti-democratic efforts”.

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“I’m already coming with Chilida”Maduro added a note to his wife Celia Flores who accompanied him on the flight with his wife Nicolas Maduro Guerrero.

He valued his experience in Mexico “Good”Therefore, he considered his return a “victory.”

“Mexico has adopted us as children, with love, to live in the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean. We continue in war and victory.”, He concluded.

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