March 29, 2023

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The In Venezuela, it became increasingly active this Thursday amid the opposition’s proposal for an election to renew the anti – Savista leadership.

According to portal data, the dollar traded at 4.98 sovereign bolivars in Venezuela’s informal market, up 4.61% from 4.75 units at the end of Tuesday. .

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Venezuelan opposition member Maria Corina Machado, one of the most vocal opponents of the Nicolas Maduro government, proposed this Wednesday “a major popular election” to elect a new anti-Savista leadership that will “lead Venezuela to its independence.”

“This is my proposal: we will call for a better people’s election to elect the leadership that will take Venezuela to its independence, and make an epic achievement, without deceiving the CNE (National Electoral Council) and without the army transforming the voting centers. Barox,” Machado said in a video posted on his social media network.

Politics made the proposal after last Sunday’s local and regional elections, in which Chavismo won a landslide victory with 42.26% of the vote and the opposition group, with a few exceptions, had a monitoring mission. European Union (EU).

Machado, however, considered that “70% did not participate” and promised that “no one would believe the results of the winners’ participation figures or the results of the awards”, although he did not describe how he received 70% of the vote. Did he argue his thesis?

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