May 30, 2023

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The According to Venezuela there was more trade over the weekend , When Savismo won the majority of states in regional elections, according to the study.

The dollar traded at 4.95 sovereign bolivars in the informal market in Venezuela, up 2.70% from 4.82 units at the end of Thursday, according to data from the DolarToday portal.

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According to the Efe Agency, the ruling Socialist Party of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party (PSUV) has won 20 of the country’s 23 states, except Caracas, with 90.21% of the vote in this Sunday’s regional elections.

Chavismo won in all states except Nueva Esparta, Zulia and Cojedes, although the difference is still less in Hugo Chavez’s home state of Tachira and Barinas, according to data read by National Election Council (CNE) President Pedro Calzadilla, just below midnight.

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For now, with the exception of Caracas, which has special status in Venezuelan cities, the results are unknown, where former Interior Minister Carmen Melandes (PSUV) won with 58.93% of the vote, while his rival Antonio Eckari (Allianza Pencil) received 15.54%.

They, along with Luis Jose Margano, clearly lead the numbers in the Ansotoqui states; Apure, with German Piate; Apure, with Karina Carbio; Bolivar, with Angel Morgano; Karabopho, with Raphael Lagawa; Falcon, with Victor Clark; Quarico, with Jose Manuel Vazquez; Laura, with Adolfo Pereira; Merida, with Jehison Kuzman; Miranda, with Hector Rodriguez, as well as Monacos, with Ernesto Luna.

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