June 3, 2023

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The There were more than 4 digital bolivars in Venezuela this Tuesday, with key units arrested at the PDVSA refinery after the fire.

Initially, the exchange rate was trading at 4.53 bolivars per dollar in the parallel or informal market, according to site data. .

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Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA shut down two main units at the Amuwe refinery, which mainly serves to produce petrol, following a fire in the area, four sources said Wednesday.

In the western part of Still One, a fire broke out in a trench receiving liquids from the production process, forcing the PDVSA to put the Amuwe refinery units on an “emergency stop”. The fire was brought under control a few hours later and no one was injured, according to a Reuters news report.

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If a fire occurs, it is already under control. The good thing is that it doesn’t affect the crack bowlers“Catalytic,” said one worker, who was heard unidentified.

PDVSA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter.

With an oil (bpd) processing capacity of 645,000 barrels per day, Amuay produces gasoline with its catalytic cracking unit in July, producing 68,000 bpd and refining units 1 and 2, producing vacuum diesel (VGO) one of the main inputs for producing petrol. The other three stills are not in service.

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