December 4, 2022

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The Trade in Venezuela slowed on Tuesday, with Chavismo winning 205 of the 322 mayors already confirmed in the country.

The dollar traded at 4.49 sovereign bolivars in the informal market in Venezuela, down 10.2% from 4.95 units on Friday, according to data from the portal. The dollar today.

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Venezuela’s ruling United Socialist Party (PSUV) has won 205 mayors in 322 local elections this Sunday, confirming results already confirmed by 99.2% action, the National Electoral Council (CNE) said on Monday.

Of the 335 positions in dispute for mayor and mayor positions, 322 are already vacant. Of these, 205 (official coalition) will be awarded to Gran Polo Patriotico, 59 (to the opposition) Mesa de la United United Democratica, 37 (to the Savista) Democratic Alliance, and 21 to other parties and alliances.CNE President Pedro Calcadilla said.

He explained that of the 23 states in dispute over the results of the regional elections, 21 already had final results, 18 of which PSUV had won, and 20, with the exception of Caracas, in the last count given last night.

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Calcadilla also described winning mayors in major cities in 23 states, including 20 for PSUV and the remaining three for the opposition.

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