March 29, 2023

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The In Venezuela On Thursday, the Venezuelan foreign minister stressed the sanctions imposed on his country “Illegal and criminal”.

The portal reported that the exchange rate in the Venezuelan informal market was trading at 4’146,011.83 sovereign bolivars per dollar. .

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According to Efe, Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arresa reiterated the sanctions imposed on the Caribbean this Thursday. “Illegal and criminal” And they did not accept “Blackmail from anyone”, After the United States imposed the condition, led to a review of the compulsory measures for a gesture by the Caribbean government. “Significant improvement” In conversation with the opposition.

“Whoever is in the White House, Washington’s arrogance is structural. Venezuela’s internal affairs are sovereign. We are not interested in your views. Penalties are simply illegal and criminal. We do not accept intimidation from anyone. Take care of your own business!”, Arresa posted on his Twitter account.

The United States has previously reiterated its readiness to review sanctions against Venezuela. “Significant improvement” Talks between the Venezuelan government and the opposition are expected to begin this Friday in Mexico.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman Netflix told a news conference that allowing the Maduro government to run in Venezuela’s parliamentary, presidential and local elections was a way to ease sanctions. “Free and Fair”, And let it begin “Honest Conversations with Opposition” The result is a “Comprehensive negotiated solution to the Venezuelan crisis”.

In January 2019, the United States topped the list of more than 50 countries that recognized Quito as interim president of Venezuela. Since coming to power last January, the administration of US President Joe Biden has maintained support for the opposition.

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Anti-Venezuela seeks in this process “Rule” Participate in the election “Free, fair and transparent”, Release “Political prisoners ” And entry of humanitarian aid.

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For his part, Maduro demands that the barriers be removed and that the “Recognition of Venezuelan legal authorities”, The “Stop Violence” Y “All opposition parties are connected.”

The Venezuelan foreign minister had already qualified Wednesday “Crime against humanity” Sanctions imposed by the United States, the European Union and other countries on the Caribbean are a compulsory measure following the release of a report by the Office of Special Practices of the UN Human Rights Council. “Sentence”.

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