March 29, 2023

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DolarToday Venezuela: We Know Today’s Dollar Price Wednesday, November 17, 2021 Exchange Rate Dollar Monitor USD to Venezuelan Bolivars Interbanex Dollar Price nndc | Economy

The dollar was up on Wednesday Among the developments ahead of election day for local and regional elections in the South American country, according to DolarToday.

The dollar is trading at 4.61 sovereign bolivars in Venezuela’s informal market today, up 1.54% from 4.54 units on Tuesday, according to data from the portal. .

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The election campaign to select local and regional officials for next Sunday in Venezuela is progressing amid restrictions by the National Electoral Council (CNE) in the face of an increase in security forces across the country and the growing number of abuses detected in recent days.

With just four days to go, the government of Nicolas Maduro will ensure the final extension of the electoral process, with 356,586 uniformed police and military personnel in the new phase known as the Republican program. Voting day is over.

Members of this device will be responsible for securing 14,262 polling stations and CNE facilities in the country.

The device, coordinated by the Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, was presented at an event attended by Caracas Minister of Defense Vladimir Badrino Lopez; Attorney General, Tarek Saab; Ombudsman, Alfredo Ruiz and National Electoral Council (CNE) President Pedro Calcadilla.

At the time, Interior Minister Remigio Cepalos recalled that demonstrations and rallies across the region would be banned, although he did not specify when the operation would be maintained.

Similarly, the sale and distribution of liquor will be banned from Friday to Monday, which is not often passed in elections.

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As in other cases, Cephalos insisted that “the carrying of firearms and knives throughout the national territory shall be prohibited.”

On the other hand, US Undersecretary of State Kevin O’Reilly said next Sunday’s elections in Venezuela did not meet the conditions for being “fair or free” and promised that Washington would support efforts to restore democracy. . “In the country.

“There are no conditions for free and fair elections in Venezuela,” O’Reilly told the Atlantic Council Virtual Council.

With information from EFE and AFP

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