February 2, 2023

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Dolima | Colombia | Corralejas in Espinal ended in tragedy: the box fell in the middle of a bullfight; Many dead and wounded | Video | The world

A tragedy happened This Sunday at the festivities for San Pedro. Videos of him going upstairs in one of the crowded boxes of the bull ring at El Espinal in Ptolema have been circulating on social media. At least four people were killed and more than 300 were injured.

“Four died, one in the attack zone (…) three hospitalized”, The mayor said at a news conference SpineJuan Carlos Tamayo mourns the death of a “14-month-old minor” under a tree.

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A total of 322 people were injured in hospitals in the areaFour of them are in the “intensive care unit,” said Martha Palacios, health secretary of the Ptolemaic Department in El Espinal.

At one o’clock in the afternoon (6:00 pm GMT), during a popular festival called “Coraleja”, many grandeur crowds collapsed.

“Our pullring consisted of 44 boxes, eight of which fell, 100 each.”Detailed tamayo with a broken voice.

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“I saw people in the rubble, I saw others trying to get out. It was so hard.” Square resident AFP told Samuel Kalindo that he recorded the tragedy with his drone.

Another amateur video shows a bull roaming the arena among the victims.

The accident took place in Gilberto Charlie Pulling The holiday weekend, where San Pedro celebrations are celebrated, is very popular in the region.

The picture of the tragedy in Ptolema was captured by a drone.  (Video recording).
The picture of the tragedy in Ptolema was captured by a drone. (Video recording).

Tamayo said the mayor’s office had signed a “contract” with the event’s organizers.

“We will ask for an inquiry into the facts of solidarity (…) for the families of the victims”, President Ivan Duke said on Twitter.

Ban calls

The governor of Ptolemaic, Ricardo Orosco, has accused the events of promoting “attempt against life” and “animal abuse” and expects him to “suspend all these kinds of parties, which are corollages.”

People are trying to help those who are trapped.
People are trying to help those who are trapped.

The previous day, several people had been injured in cattle accidents at El Espinal’s “Coralejas”, a town of 78,000 people, about 150 kilometers from Bogot.

Another died in mid-June during a coup d’etat in the municipality of Rebelon (north) during the “Coraleza”.

Elected President Gustavo Pedro joined at the invitation of the local governor.

The left-wing senator, who takes office on August 7, wrote on Twitter, “I urge mayors not to recognize too many events with the death of people or animals.”

“I hope all the people affected by the El Espinal Pulling collapse can come out of their injuries,” Pedro added, adding that he caused the death of hundreds of people in another bullfight in the municipality of Cincinnati (northern). 1980.

As mayor of Bogot (2012-2015), the elected president stopped bullfighting in La Santamaria, the capital’s iconic bull.

Although Colombian justice punishes the abuse of animals, practices such as bullfighting and cockfighting are protected by their cultural roots.