March 25, 2023

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Dollar PCV at Venezuelan Central Bank today: Find out the updated price

The Central Bank Venezuela (PCV) It has already been updated to Thursday, July 15, which will manage the official dollar rate until Friday. An action established by the regime Nicola Maduro Widespread against the parallel market Bolivarian Republic.

Website Tolardote, As well as Dollar Monitor On your social media accounts and digital portal Fantastic Dollar Web, Present the equivalent dollar price, which is reviewed daily by buyers and traders. However, PCV rate is the official figure in Venezuela.

Reference transfer rate

Published conversion rate P.C.V. This is the weighted average as a result of the daily active transaction activities of the participating banking institutions.

Dollar Price BCV: Value Date

PCV Value Date July 16, 2021.

Information rates of the banking system

Indicator date Bank Buys Sale
15-07-2021 PPVA Province 3 425 902,30 3 530 455.77
15-07-2021 Banker 3 339 660,32 3 354 586.94
15-07-2021 Commercial Bank 3 594 293.74 3 645 181.88
15-07-2021 National Credit Bank PNC 3473520,21 3 454 255.08
15-07-2021 Panesco 3 411 240.28 3 498 542,30
15-07-2021 Other companies 3 485 274.40 3 368 700.60

The dollar price in Venezuela today is PCV.

The Venezuelan central bank says one dollar equals 3,443,394.73 bolivars.

Reference transfer rate. Photo: Twitter

The dollar rate at the Venezuelan central bank

The P.C.V. Shows the prices of other currencies compared to the national currency. One euro is worth Bs 4,011,069.30, one yuan 524,820.41, one Turkish lira 394,488.68 and one ruble 45,779.37.

How did the dollar rise today?

Dollar price in Venezuela today, Thursday, July 15, 2021According to the Dolorado page, it is 3 425 119.54 ps.

Compared to the exchange rate in Venezuela yesterday, Wednesday, July 14, Today stands at 7,509,704.

Keep track of the dollar and the dollar today, July 15. Photo: Instagram

Fantastic dollar

The fantastic dollar shows at 3,391 651.91 Bolivar, at 5.26pm (Venezuela time).

PCV rate July 14, 2021

On Wednesday, July 14, the PCV closed at $ 39,651.91 Bolivar.

PCV rate July 13, 2021

On Tuesday, July 13, the PCV closed at $ 3 321 657.52 Bolivar.

PCV rate July 12, 2021

On Monday, July 12, the PCV closed at $ 3,291,083.87.

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