February 9, 2023

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Dry law in presidential election: reconsider new schedule, when it will start and other restrictions in Colombia | Dry Law in Medellin, Barranquilla, Galle | புகாரமங்கா | Answers

The On top of that There is a new table and , We describe the reason for this change, when this action will begin and what you should take into account before your responsible vote. In the first instance, the Colombian government agreed to the move in order to avoid unfortunate events that could occur during the vote. That is, if you do not comply with the orders placed, you must respond to the authorities in your area.

VEA – Colombia elections 2022: When will the results of voting abroad be known?

“We have changed the dry law mandate as a result of numerous demands from the Associates and various unions. Said Interior Minister Daniel Palacios.

What is the new schedule of dry law 2022 in Colombia

The Inside Colombia It will begin on May 28 at 6:00 pm and end on Monday 30th at 12:00 noon. Given that the match between Real Madrid and Liverpool starts at 2:00 pm this Saturday, it is good to point out that the timing has changed due to the Associates changing the timing.

“Although we know that these measures (dry law) should be taken into account for all, we request that it be run until 6 pm to save that afternoon session, which will pass the most important game, such as the Champions Final.

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What will happen if I do not comply with dry law due to elections in Colombia

Order 318 of 2022 states, “The mayors and police inspectors and station commanders will be subject to corrective action in accordance with the rules. ”.

The Colombian government has not issued a specific mandate for the May 29 presidential election.

Is there a curfew if there is a dry law?

No. Currently, the government has not reported or disclosed this possible symptom to citizens in Colombia. Governors or mayors may “issue curfew orders to prevent possible disruption of public order.”