May 29, 2023

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Durgana boy: Google doodle commemorating 37 years of fossils | நரியோகோடோம் குழந்தை | August 1, 2021 | Durgana Man Celebration Technology

Remember with Anniversary of the invention of man Naricotomy Durgana or childAn almost complete skeleton associated with a young hominid who lived near the lake about 1.6 million years ago Durgana, In Kenya.

This Sample drawing by hand It is known in various countries of the world. In addition Peru, Can be found in the area Chile, Argentina, Mexico Y United States.

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In Europe it is found in France, Ukraine, Iceland, Romania, Greece and Lithuania, while in Africa, besides Kenya, it is found in South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal.

Finally, this doodle is also appreciated by Google users in Australia and New Zealand.

Google has chosen a simple and animated design that shows Durgana human remains (i.e. fossils) happening in prehistoric Earth animation, while a letter from the Google logo recreates the skull of the fossil.

(Capture / Google)
(Capture / Google)

The skeleton was discovered on August 23, 1984, precisely by Kamoya Kimeu, an expert search engine member of the Richard Leakey-led team of paleontrologists.

See: Isle of Champions: A doodle video game that challenges you to win seven games

After the discovery, the researchers immediately realized that it was a male from the hip shape.

There is still a lot of research on this finding. For example, at present, scientists consider it the cause of death Nariocodom child It is a common septicemia from a molar infection.

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