March 25, 2023

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Earthquake today in Ecuador: How much and where was the last earthquake today? | Earthquake in Ecuador | Earthquake Earthquake in Guayaquil | Tremors in Guayaquil today | the world

The Institute of Geophysics (IG) of the National Polytechnic School said: The epicenter of the earthquake was 29.12 kilometers from Palau, Guasin. Photo: Geophysical Institute of Ecuador

An earthquake Size 6.5 Recorded in Guayas Province, Ecuador. According to him Institute of GeophysicsThere was depth 44 km It was felt in the south of the country and in the country itself Northern PeruWith no reports of casualties or property damage to date.

The Geophysical Institute indicated that movement began at 12:12 (local time). In Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca, people pointed out that the earthquake was long and felt for long minutes. Residents of the areas Guayaquil, Loja, Ambato, Zamora, Cuenca They also reportedly felt the earthquake. After the first movement, another magnitude 4.8 occurred, according to the geophysicist.

6.5 earthquake hits Ecuador today: latest news

A powerful earthquake centered in Ecuador registered a magnitude 7 in Peru

An earthquake in Ecuador at noon this Saturday hit Peruvian territory with a magnitude of 7, according to Peru’s Institute of Geophysics (IGP), followed ten minutes later by another earthquake of magnitude 4. in the same area. In Ecuador, the Institute of Geophysics of the National Polytechnic School of that country established the magnitude of the first motion as 6.5 and the second as 4.8. Video: @680radioatalaya/Twitter

Initial Assessment of Risk Management Secretariat

The Risk Management Secretariat confirmed one death after the earthquake caused damage in Cuenca and other areas.

President Lasso announces the measures and convenes an Emergency Action Committee

This is what the center of Cuenca looks like after a powerful strong tremor

A powerful earthquake was felt in various parts of Ecuador. Users of social networks shared pictures of the destruction in the center of Cuenca. Video: @MetroEcuador/Twitter

Risk Management Secretariat Deploys Post-Earthquake Protocols

Monitoring and reconciliation of information is carried out by the Risk Management Secretariat, Cristian Torres Permio. Photo: @cetorresb/Twitter

Ecuador’s president, Guillermo Lasso, has called for peace

6.5 The Head of State contacted the Risk Management Secretariat to assess the damage caused by the earthquake and to remain calm and avoid misinformation. Photo: @LassoGuillermo/Twitter

First images of earthquake in Ecuador

Telluric movement was also felt in Peruvian territory at noon. Video: @franzpc/Twitter

The tremors were also felt in Tumbus, Peru

A 78-magnitude earthquake was felt in Tumbes, north of the country, at 12:12:52 a.m., at a depth of 78 km.

Earthquake in Ecuador today

There is Ecuador Belt or ring of Pacific FireIt concentrates some of the world’s most important subduction zones (collapse of tectonic plates) and is the scene of strong seismic activity.

Except for Ecuador, the BeltHorseshoe-shaped, other countries include Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

President of Ecuador Guillermo Lazo, contacted the Risk Management Secretariat and called for calm, according to Twitter. “I contacted @cetorresb so that @Riesgos_Ec could assess the effects of the earthquake that hit Palau, Guayas a moment ago. I am calling for calm and information through official channels.

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