February 2, 2023

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Ecuador: 68 killed in prison in Guayaquil

At least 68 inmates have died in a new bloodbath at an Ecuadorian prison In Guayaquil, Seized by drug trafficking gangs, which has already carried out one of the worst prison massacres Latin America More than a hundred were killed.

Regardless of the state of emergency managing the anarchic prison, the inmates fought for hours with weapons and ammunition.

New clashes erupted on Friday night, when a group stormed a pavilion to kill members of the “barbaric” opposition, Pablo Arosmena, the governor described. Quas, Whose jurisdiction is within In Guayaquil.

This Saturday, the Ecuadorian Police Commander, General Tanya Varela, Told a news conference about the tragic outcome of the controversy that has plunged the country into unprecedented prison chaos.

In the first statement, he spoke of “58 people who lost their lives as freedom fighters”, but later the government, in a tweet, raised the death toll to 68. Another 25 people were reported injured.

Request for help

In a live broadcast from Facebook, A prisoner begs for help. “Many have been injured and died down, we do not know how many,” he warned, before warning that the attackers were breaking down walls through “holes” opened by explosives.

In the morning, a photographer said police wearing ski masks carried a body through the bloody walls. AFP. In one of his pictures, the body of a man in an orange uniform is found at the top of the prison.

The rebels seized the prison Quas 1 From the port In Guayaquil, September 119 Prisoners were beheaded and burned to death in a gruesome butchery.

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The violence did not stop after that. Following the incidents in September, other prisoners were killed and with the massacre on Friday, more than 300 people have died in prisons so far this year. (AFP)

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