February 2, 2023

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Ecuador | Guayaquil 1: 116 people are killed and 80 injured in a clash between rival groups from Sonaros and wolves in a prison in Guayaquil; President Guillermo Lasso announces exemption status | Literary sentence | The world

Chairman of Guillermo Lasso, also known as the Literal Penitentiary, said on Wednesday that 116 prisoners had been killed and 80 injured in a clash at Prison No. 1 in Guayaquil on Tuesday.

The president, at a press conference, described the prison fighting as “regrettable” and “tragic” and noted that “so far 116 deaths and 80 casualties have been reported;

Identity: Army with Tangueta security in Ecuadorian prison after riots with 30 dead prisoners

The president declared a state of emergency throughout the prison Ecuador.

Declare an exception status due to serious internal chaos in all centers that lose the freedom to form a social rehabilitation system at the national level. 60 days from the date of signing of this Executive Order, without exception. “, Mentioned in the document signed by the head of state.

The announcement of the exceptional action was made after it was posted on social media A total of 110 and 70 people killed in this Tuesday’s prison riot were found today in pavilions 9 and 10 of the prison in Guayaquil., After a search conducted by the tactical units of the police.

Yesterday, after the first intervention of the special units, the police chief Fosto Bueno killed 24 prisoners and wounded 49, while the governor of the province (representative of the administrator) QuasPablo Arosemina noted that the situation was under control.

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However, this Wednesday, the National Service for Comprehensive Care for Persons Who Lost Freedom and Juvenile Offenders (SNAI) noted on its Twitter account: “So far more than 100 PPLs have lost their lives and 52 have been injured.”, And the police, along with the prosecutor’s office, ”he clarified.They are constantly collecting information”.

Soldiers stand guard outside a prison in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on September 29, 2021.

By his side, the office President Lasso A state of emergency has been declared and a meeting of security forces is scheduled to assess the situation.

Identity: How are the Mexican cartels Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generasian behind the prison crisis in Ecuador?

In the executive order, the ruler noted that the exceptional action was “based on circumstances that severely affected the rights of persons deprived of liberty, prison guards and members of the police.”

In addition, he argued that the Emergency Act seeks to “protect the rights of persons deprived of liberty as a priority group”, as well as the rights of prison guards and police officers.

It provides for the national mobilization of all public institutions, especially the SNAI, the Armed Forces and the Police, thus coordinating efforts to “restore order and maintain order and to take the necessary measures to prevent new incidents of violence. Within the centers.”

Several detainees are staying on the roofs of the No. 1 disenfranchisement center in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where clashes between rival gangs were recorded on Tuesday, September 28th.  (EFE / Marcos Bin).
Several detainees are staying on the roofs of the No. 1 disenfranchisement center in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where clashes between rival gangs were recorded on Tuesday, September 28th. (EFE / Marcos Bin).

In the event of a tragic incident inside the prison, “The police, in conjunction with the armed forces, must” urgently intervene within the current constitutional and legal framework and with regard to human rights. “, Adds order.

Identity: Ecuador has ordered an exemption for prisons after clashes with more than 100 deaths

Similarly, it states that the participation of the armed forces must respect the criteria of “need, fairness and proportion.”

Transnational organized crime

During the intervention, Agents found bodies with bullet wounds and grenades in prison cells.

The gruesome scene inside the prison was filled with a situation of fear and uncertainty where relatives of the prisoners played in painful and uncertain scenes, while troops of the special forces of the police and army arrived and drove the vehicles legally out of the drug.

According to Colonel Mario Pasmino, former director of military intelligence, the bloody uprising shows it. “Transnational organized crime has infiltrated the state structure”, Its administration has been destabilized by the interference of international cartels such as the “Sinaloa and Jalisco Nueva Generation” operated by local gangs.

“They want to sow fear”, Promised in a conversation with the Associated Press, and it was explained “The way to kill is very serious and violent”, and they achieve the control purpose between the gangs.

Relatives of prisoners are waiting for news outside a prison after a clash between rival gangs in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  (AB Photo / Angel Djesus)
Relatives of prisoners are waiting for news outside a prison after a clash between rival gangs in Guayaquil, Ecuador. (AB Photo / Angel Djesus)

As announced the previous day, Conflict between the “Soneros” and the “Wolves” unleashes an armed conflict According to Pasmino, the struggle for “regional control” inside and outside prisons to dominate drug and smuggling activities is to blame.

The expert described the prison situation as “serious”, leaving Ecuador insecure and violent.

According to Pasmino, in this situation, the Ecuadorian government should temporarily hand over control of prisons to the National Police, while a strategy is designed to adequately train prison guides and administration for criminal, psychological, crisis management and negotiation experts; In addition to privatizing security arrangements for the implementation of armored doors, effective cell phone blocking systems, etc.

Other measures that should be included in a comprehensive strategy include the justice system by changing alternatives to sentences because 16% of the prison population complicates prison congestion and has no enforceable sentence, the former military colonel said.

Social rehabilitation programs need to be restructured so that people can get out of the crime scene and face the risk of corruption so that weapons and drugs can enter prisons despite permanent restrictions by the authorities.

Ecuador He suffered a violent day at Literal Prison on Tuesday, the fourth day so far this year. In February, a simultaneous rebellion killed 79 people, killed prisoners on July 22, and a drone strike in September caused no casualties.

Source: EFE and AP

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